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  1. JT ran a nation BEST 40.66 in the 4x1 today in Lancaster! JT went to state last year in 6A! I expect JT to do VERY WELL this year in 5A!
  2. Nowhere near! BOTH schools will be ready to move students into the "academic wings" early 2020. The schools will not be done officially until Fall 2021.
  3. It's definitely going to be one of the BEST looking high schools in this area by a long shot!
  4. Just got offered by SMU and Illinois this morning.
  5. They do return alot. It's going to be between JT and Poteet again for the district title IMO.
  6. Like I SAID, JT played SOLID defense in the playoffs. Believe what you want
  7. Man PLEASE! JT'S defense shut down Lancaster and a Frisco Lonestar team that SMASHED Lufkin's OVER HYPED team!
  8. They've been together for awhile. They're mostly JT alumni AND like being at JT. With that being SAID, if the right opportunity comes along, they could jump at it.
  9. Upcoming talent AND potential of staying 5A
  10. So far they will be. I'm thinking Coach Holmes is going to be around for a few more years(yes I know what Holmes said last summer of 18). JT has some good kids coming up from the lower grades AND middle schools.
  11. Kitan Crawford has offers from the following schools: SFA Houston Arkansas Louisiana Monroe Memphis Baylor Good list to start off with.
  12. I get what you're saying, but the private schools in East Texas are GLORIFIED jvs compared to the ones in the metroplex(obviously). I question Lee's coaching STAFF as well. They better step up or it could lead to problems for their employment.
  13. Consistently meeting the state's standards or slightly above.
  14. TRUE! JT is not a bad school, but JT does have a PERCEPTION of that. JT has been a CONSISTENT school on test scores a decade now.
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