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  1. Troy. I said that in the parking lot after the Elkhart/Salado game and a Salado fan entered my circle of conversation with a nasty little remark. How unfortunate for her, lol. But honestly, Troy has the better team this year and it wouldn't surprise me if they go all they way.
  2. Yes, that's confirmed. 6:00 pm at Memorial in Houston.
  3. Rainout last night for game 1. Last announcement was that Elkhart would play Salado in a one gamer today at 2:00 at Franklin High School. However, rain is covering Franklin right now so we will probably have to move game. Will post when I hear update. Saturday 10:52 a.m.
  4. Elkhart in 3. And while we're at it: 2A Semifinalists Predictions Region I Bangs over Idalou Wall over Childress Region II Hugh Springs over Grandview Gunter over Palmer Region III Elkhart over Salado Troy over Central Heights Region IV Hallettsville over Bishop Marion over Danbury
  5. Best of 3 series Friday @ 7:00 - Franklin High School Saturday @ 2:00 - Franklin High school Game 3 to follow if necessary.
  6. Just an update to the Elkhart vs Salado series....per Adair, location will be Franklin High School. The Ranch has a Super Series tourny this weekend - plus the fields are turf-no spikes allowed. Thanks!
  7. Hunter Parker pitched a shut-out in Elkhart's 6 to 0 win over Warren in game 2. GREAT JOB ELKS!
  8. Elkhart takes game one 5 to 1 over Warren. White struck out 10 and gave up 2 hits.
  9. Elkhart plays Warren Friday night at 7:00 and Saturday at 1:00 in Lufkin @ Morris Frank Park. Game 3 to follow thirty minutes afterwards if necessary.
  10. I can promise you none of the Elk's players feel cocky about this series with Sabine. After all the errors that were committed last Thursday night - and the inability to hit the ball - we certainly realize how quickly things can go south. 2A baseball has some of the best talent in UIL with athletes like Twine being drafted big DI. It's an honor to have had the success we've had and we realize we have to bring our best game in order to compete. And to give my two cents worth on the Twine issue, I was also told that Twine told his coach he didn't want to pitch against us in game 3. I don't know if that's true or not. However, I can tell you he played short all-out. Even at the end of the game when it had become pretty obvious what the outcome was going to be, he charged the ball and made the throw running full-out and dead-on to first. He didn't let up but rather played hard to the end. Kinda hard to believe that someone with that mentality didn't want to take the mound... Sabine, you do have our respect. And best of luck to the Elks as they fight hard to move on.
  11. Game 1 is Friday night at 7:30, Game 2 is Saturday at 1:00, and Game 3 (if necessary) will follow 30 minutes after the conclusion of Game 2. All games at Nacogdoches High School. Go Elks!
  12. Elkhart over Hemphill 12-8 final. Cheatham started for the Elks, Parker closed. Twine started for Hemphill, but was pulled early in the game-they pitched 3 different pitchers. Tomorrow's game starts at 1:00.
  13. Whitey's pitching game 1. But don't underestimate Parker and Cheatham... Mean lefty, and a righty with alotta heat. Any one of these guys could've handled the first game.
  14. Here's the latest as I understand it: Elkhart plays their last District game tonight at home vs. Crockett. They had talked about playing Sunnyvale in Van tomorrow night, but that has been changed. They will now play Dodd City in Sunnyvale tomorrow night. If this changes, I will update asap. Topher may have talked to Adair today and have more details...
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