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  1. jefferson/atlanta back in the 90's
  2. nd might want to hold that thought for a little bit there cuz jefferson could spoil the party
  3. Former standout at Jefferson High and Florida State Montrae Holland signs with the Denver Broncos. Just shows what a liittle work can do for a guy from a small town in east texas.
  4. tatum should have no problem with winning it all imo
  5. i want to honestly know how u can say a group of high school kids playing there hearts out for their school is overrated
  6. i heard from one of the jefferson coachs that the game between jefferson and tatum will be at marshall instead of longview on friday nite
  7. so does this mean marshall is out of the playoffs
  8. just wondering but what is jefferson ranked now
  9. Jefferson defense should have another shut out on there record after this one Jefferson 50+ Ore City 0
  10. Mavs by atleast 14 but then i think Hallsville will beat both of these teams on down the road in district
  11. what about the way Hale has Jefferson playing so far this yr in his first yr as head coach
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