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  1. I heard today that Malakoff and Whitney are playing each other this year. Is this true ?
  2. Just curious how many “ All District “ players District 10 had. Troy shows 15 returning and I think of at least 5 more that were Srs. Rockdale returns 14, how many all district Srs did they lose. That’s not counting Yoe ???? My gosh, picking these all districts teams has gotten crazy.
  3. False starts, holding calls, lack of a passing game, plus the wide splits the Grandview big offensive line had y’all’s D spread out creating mismatches. IMO
  4. Fannin has been the man for several years.
  5. Congrats to Coach Fannin , well deserved.
  6. I think Fairfield was a big winner in dropping. They immediately become the District favorite in football in a district with Malakoff, Teague, Groesbeck, Kemp and Eustace. Their girls basketball team will be contenders for a State Championship.
  7. IMO, Fannin deserves the job if he wants it. He is the man.
  8. Not sure Whitney was a top ten team JMO, even though they beat a banged up Grandview team in the regular season.
  9. Congrats to Grandview on the repeat as no doubt that the two best teams were playing for the State Championship.
  10. Looks like Teague gets all the big boys in pool play not counting Crockett who will probably win it.
  11. Our district used to play the volleyball games on Saturday. Don’t know why they changed it.
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