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  1. District 8 3A officials have came out with a revised district schedule. This game is still scheduled for Friday. The revised schedule has the teams playing every six days.
  2. You have to give District 8 leaders a big thumbs up for coming up with this concept. For the ones who don’t know, they eliminated all the schools week 5 non district games and started district play this week. They will play straight through with no byes. This will leave two Fridays left open at the end of the season for what’s happened at Malakoff.
  3. District 8 in 3A D 1 eliminated week 5 games. They will start district then with no bye week. They left the last two weeks of the regular season open for this this reason.
  4. Coach Finney and his Winnsboro team wins this one.
  5. Seating capacity is 3671 according to their website so that would mean over 1800 folks stood. ????? I do know it was a large crowd and I feel like Yoe will bounce back and win this one.
  6. Malakoff is good no doubt but I think TC will be too much for them.
  7. 43-6 Malakoff is what a Malakoff poster posted on Football Friday.
  8. Fairfield vs Brownsboro has been cancelled Friday night.
  9. You might already know but part of Mexia home side is also on the visitor side. Pretty messed up IMO. The home side on the North side are the seats that are covered that are the reserved seating. General admission home seating is on the South side with the visitors. SMH
  10. Troy at Teague Thursday Aug 20.
  11. Teague’s 2015 team lost to Cameron Yoe in the Quarterfinals is the best Teague team IMO. The next week Yoe blew out Mathis and most everyone knows the story how Yoe was beating Brock 20-7 and then the All State running back went down. 2017 lost to Rockdale in the Quarterfinals and they went on to win State. An undefeated 2014 team lost to Cameron in Area ( lost our All State 2,000 yd rusher in the Malakoff showdown), Yoe went on to run the table and Yoe’s Coach was Quoted saying once we beat Teague, I knew would we win it all.
  12. Eagle, what if a player or two on the team test positive ? Will that team have to quarantine their players ? Lots of what ifs.
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