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  1. And with Carthage moving back to Div.2...this could be interesting.
  2. Pretty much...if we had anyone that could catch the ball, we would pass more...that said, we could run the ball...Pleasant Grove will not be any surprise...it is very hard to beat a good team twice in the same season...smash mouth & in your grill...it will be the game to see
  3. Yup to all...we ae the Visitors...should have a decent crowd...I say PG starts round ball on the 9th
  4. 7:00 Friday @ Lobo...we will be on the Visitor side...mmmmm...the last time this happened was 2016 (Gladewater on the other side...Visitors showed up early & made nice lines...someone forgot to open the gates & the lines melted into a mass...an hour wait @ snack bar...surely they have the Visitor side functional by now. This will be a slobber knocker.
  5. Tyler already booked...Athens is 1/2 way
  6. Pretty good Sophomore QB...we will have him for 2 more years + got some real talent coming up...every 5 years...2004. 2009, 2014, 2019??
  7. A little trivia for you...last Friday Bux vs Bullard...62-0 Black Flag Defense caused 4 turnovers...eleven different receivers caught passes...eight ran the ball...two quarterbacks combined for 22 of 26 for 434 yds & 4 TD's...2 field goals & 7/7 PAT's Better show up with you Big Boy Britches
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