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  1. And just think...BT has another year on his contract and Baby Tennison will be a freshman & fast as a speeding bullet
  2. Smash-Mouth Football at its best. A lot of fun to see.
  3. D'Field...like a Timex...they just keep on ticking
  4. Hadn't see anyone mention: I know it was week one, everyone is on edge...still, I normally don't mention refs...it is what it is...crew that was to work Thursday was committed to Friday...crew literally had never worked together...didn't know each other... I take it back...great job refs...appreciate y'all for making it happen. It was great to be on the field with the cubs...I have missed them. We go way back, 1929 was a 77-0 L for the cubs. 2014 is in my top 10 HS ball games. Bet that one still smarts...Great to see 'ya & there is always next year for your annual spanking.
  5. Did you see the Bux tonight? Sweeeeetttttt!!!!!!! Depth & stamina has never been an issue
  6. The Bears are one of those coulda, woulda, shoulda teams...they always choke on the Bucs...2001 since the last time they had a win ...I don't see it this year be any different Then there was the Bears State Champion in 2014...oh wait...that was the Bucs that won their State Game...my bad
  7. When was the last time you saw 'em play a clean game...if my memory is right, sometime in 1936...they always turn it over to the Bucs...especially when the pressure is on...2014 comes to mind It's time for the Bucs & the Bears to start it up this season
  8. We have Terrell... 84 miles @ 1- 1/2 hrs
  9. And with Carthage moving back to Div.2...this could be interesting.
  10. Pretty much...if we had anyone that could catch the ball, we would pass more...that said, we could run the ball...Pleasant Grove will not be any surprise...it is very hard to beat a good team twice in the same season...smash mouth & in your grill...it will be the game to see
  11. Yup to all...we ae the Visitors...should have a decent crowd...I say PG starts round ball on the 9th
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