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  1. HUGE win for Texas High.... could have foreseen a close W at home, but 22?!?!? huge loss for lobos... district favs preseason with marshall I believe? ... table set for Friday at Marshall vs TxHigh
  2. if the other team has possession, that coach should be given a technical (some may let it slide, if he is next to official and not loud when calling it) if ball is loose, it shouldn't have been awarded obviously... sometimes ref that grants TO in that situation is "off ball" and doesn't see ball loose... often will claim TO was called prior to lost possession...
  3. I would agree with many points... Coaches and fans want consistency..... I would like more consistency between chapters... they all have the same rules... I would be interested in seeing the average number of fouls called by chapter/crew/size of school... at the end of the day, players and coaches need to be able to adjust to how the game is being called, but to their defense, 50 total fouls one game to 18 the next in a different chapter is quite perplexing when similar styles of ball were being played between the two games.... Proximity and clarity of fans/coaching yelling can definitely cause several issues officiating reciprocating the play/coaching was well said...
  4. IMO the toughest of all sports to officiate for a variety of reasons... Do you feel certain chapters are better than others? Opinions on big school vs small school officials... girls/guys? Certain calls you would like to see more/less of?
  5. season and district records for all teams?
  6. Atl with quick response to LE td... 49-21RABBS
  7. ....sounds like score is what is out of control...
  8. .....Atlanta fans aren't too concerned with their upcoming lopsided victory tonight
  9. playoff preparation... going to neutral site, playing on Sat...
  10. 3rd string or not... throwing ball around trying to score late in 4th... not good... what goes around comes around
  11. airing it out late in 4th I hear... classy!
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