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  1. I'd share my log in info with ya but it aint like netflix, only one device logged in at a time, and my family is still quarantined. So I am watching from my recliner with cold beer in hand lol.
  2. Nope, illegal to stream playoffs on anything other than NFHS and Texan Live, which are pay sites.
  3. And we've scored 50 or more four times.....this one could be a fun one.
  4. You mean us against Farmersville. We beat the brakes off of Littlefield in 06 lol.
  5. Lol we been there, played for 3 in a row, lost the last one in OT. It's a tough role to play. We got the athletes. Y'all got the rep and the composure. We ain't suppose to be able to touch yall. But damn it, we gonna swing at you with everything we got.
  6. No lie, I hate that offense lol. Rather face a spread team any day of the week. Our LT 6'5 340 lb Beall vs their DE 6'7 290 lb Overcrown should be worth the price of admission.
  7. Lol, we are 9 yards and a wind gust. We don't have a RB averaging less than 9 yards per carry lol. But, obviously yalls defense isnt a run of the mill defense. We'll see what happens. We got some athletes, y'all got the resume. Y'all defending back to back titles, we just won our first playoff game in a while. We ain't got nothing to lose. Throw the kitchen sink at ya and hope it hits hard. Yall supposed to win, we aint. Targets on yalls back.....and we aiming right at it, hopefully with precision.
  8. Well, they ain't used to speed in the district of doom.
  9. 1st half yardage Tatum 225 yard on 24 plays Winny 116 yards on 22 plays
  10. Nice that he has attention but he should have the eyes of the big boys. He's a power 5 type running back.
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