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  1. Voted for Jeffy on accident lol. NB by a TD or 2.
  2. Looking like 1. Gladewater 2. Tatum 3. White Oak 4. Atlanta To me
  3. I agree....kid is crazy good after just 3 games. Big strong kid. Couldn't imagine where he would be with 4 full high school years of experience.
  4. True, I forgot the 6'5 340 lb beast wasn't on the team yet.
  5. I knew it was 3 against Newton.....didnt know yall went further.
  6. Back to back 400 yard rushing nights against Atlanta and Jefferson? I'll take it.
  7. We got it all figured out. But y'alls defense is still the best we have faced year to date.
  8. Nah.....we got some horses this year. What the furthest y'all been in the playoffs anyways hater?
  9. My bad, thought you was talking to me lol. Resume broadcast as normal.a
  10. Heard that same thing the previous 2 times we met. Son, get your weight up....win one against us first before you bump them gums lol. Y'all was ranked like 3 in the state....we had OB Jones and a bunch of rag tag freshmen and sophomores and dusted that tail. Y'all wouldn't want it this year or the next. We return 8/7 next season lol.
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