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  1. Nah, tight ball game with White Oak probably getting the W. Atlanta literally can't get anything going. If QB1 and QB2 are still out I just don't see them having enough.
  2. OB was a sitting duck. Without his legs they just pinned their ears back and sent the house
  3. Keep saying it, its bound to happen eventually lol. I'm calling it though.....first win will be against North Lamar. Tough road til then.
  4. Same, I thought Dickerson was gonna be a highlight reel. He was that dude when he was younger. Either not getting the touches he needs.....or just didn't pan out to be what his projection was casting.
  5. One of the few stadiums I feel quite comfortable in as visitors lol. Who ever design that needs a foot in the rear lol.
  6. I mean hell, better off trying that than another QB. Lol
  7. Strength vs weakness kinda deal. Their run game is to load up with big bodies and roll. We probably don't have a LB over 180-185 lbs. Not saying our LBs are weak or anything. Just out-bodied. Do I think we'll move the ball well? Yes, I do. But these hopes of a blow out, while not impossible, do seem improbable. Its gonna be a scrap folks. I think we do have the edge.....but not a 28 point edge as the spread prediction suggests.
  8. @Golfingnut what day you usually post the tid bits on the game?
  9. Overall, all 4 Gladewater QBs combined have a QB rating of 26.8. They are a combined 17 out of 39 for 262 yards. 0 TDs, 6 INTs. Out of all 4, if you look at stats only. Lewis has faired 3 times better than anyone else.
  10. I found actual stats....edited my previous post.
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