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  1. Y'all have an awesome football team!
  2. Loaded Top 10! Carthage should repeat!
  3. Are y'all gettong a new high school?
  4. I've seen it too, and yes it is very small, but it is still a stadium!
  5. In Longview, you forgot Titan Stadium-Trinity School of Texas (TST) Trinity Titans
  6. I totally agree with you! Enough is enough with this madness!
  7. Spring Hill and Tatum have had a rivalry that goes back to the 70's and 80's!
  8. Spring Hill vs Tatum Gladewater vs Jefferson Gilmer vs Lindale
  9. Yes, workouts are still happening!
  10. Not happy about him leaving Panther Nation, but I'm assuming he's been offered the HC/AD job at Gladewater since John Berry resigned!
  11. Here are two other rivalries that have always been good: Troup vs Arp Leverett's Chapel vs Overton
  12. Not likely you freaking idiot! If you're not capable of replying with a logical response, then maybe you should move on.
  13. Look, I know my comments are being met with criticism, but I'm just airing on the side of a realist, nothing negative! Maybe there will be Fall Football, and I hope there will be, but this whole COVID nonsense is gonna linger on and on! I hope you and your family are safe and doing great!
  14. Gilmer vs Gladewater The G-Town Throw Down
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