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  1. Spring Hill Homecoming this week! SH vs WO is one of the best rivalries in the state! Should be a great game!
  2. Tough win for us no doubt about it! Brook Hill is a good team!
  3. Yeah, because I said so! SH has way too much talent on both sides of the ball! I’m pretty sure this Covid #### had several starters out last year as well!
  4. Spring Hill wins big in this game! Not sure what happened last year, but there will not be a repeat this year!
  5. Spring Hill has their first scrimmage against Wills Point!
  6. Any ideas on who Spring Hill will be playing in the 1st round and where it’ll be played?
  7. Not a lot of attention focused on this game, but who wins and why?
  8. Spring Hill wins big in this game! Pittsburg is tough, but not tougher than SH.
  9. Doesn't mean it came from school! Could've come from home and then brought to school!
  10. Gilmer might win this game, and then again, they might not, but if Gilmer thinks that this'll be a blowout, think again, cause it ain't happening!
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