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  1. I already know this, that's why I edited my post!
  2. Spring Hill scrimmages Wills Point and Mount Vernon, and our non-district schedule starts off with Sabine, and then Gladewater, White Oak, Henderson, and then Bullard!
  3. Who's everyone playing this fall? Spring Hill has two scrimmages against Wills Point and Mount Vernon, and then we have Sabine, Gladewater, White Oak, Henderson, and Bullard.
  4. All I saw were cut off numbers, not the actual realignment
  5. Are there any old realignments of lower classifications from this time frame?
  6. Same here! This used to be a great rivalry back when both teams were in the same district years ago, but SH moved up to Class 4A. After that, we stopped playing them!
  7. Spring Hill vs White Oak in Week 3 in one of the best rivalries in Texas! Spring Hill vs Sabine in Week 1 in a renewal of old foes from years gone by!
  8. Spring Hill plays Sabine, Gladewater, White Oak, Henderson, and Bullard in non-district before heading into another tough 8-4A DII schedule that includes Gilmer, Pittsburg, Liberty-Eylau, Pleasant Grove, and newcomer North Lamar!
  9. Who does Carthage play in non-district?
  10. Looks like Carthage wins with dropping down to D2. They could possibly go unbeaten this upcoming season!
  11. With the new realignment out, who came out on the easy side, and who's gonna have a rough year?
  12. How accurate is this prediction?
  13. Is there a hyperlink showing the availabilities?
  14. It would be nice if they did!
  15. What date does the UIL Realignment come out?
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