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  1. I didnt wear one last Friday, and no one said a word to me! I even talked with another officer, and he agreed that this is all hype and total ####!
  2. No Sir, you're not allowed to make someone wear a mask anywhere!
  3. I am a law enforcement officer, so that's not gonna happen! As I stated before, making someone wear a mask is not about your health, it's about who's gonna be a sheep and comply with ridiculous rules, or who's gonna be a strong minded patriot and stand up to this b.s.!
  4. Total b.s., and you know it! I don't wear a mask, and I freaking dare someone to tell me to put one on! I'm gonna tell you to take that mask and shove it up your a$$! THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!
  5. Spring Hill's Homecoming! We're not losing this game!
  6. We had some costly turnovers that could have sealed it for them, but we bounced back like the champs that we are!
  7. Going with Lindale to win a close one!
  8. Should be an exciting game! SH is coming off a great win over Community and hopefully will bring that momentum into this game!
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