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  1. It is funny that so many people attacked Omar and others for their religion and ethnicity that Jews are supporting Omar now. They really know what's going on. One Jewish Rabbi related, " The hate train is docked in the Muslim & minority station right know in America. The hate train will always dock Jewish station soo er or later. The hate train needs to be met by a diverse group of people every time the hate train opens its doors.
  2. The Taliban leadership was in Houston on Sept 10, 2001 negotiating a pipeline going through Afghanistan. They wanted him to stay longer, but he insisted that he had to leave that day. Now we know why.
  3. WOW !!! Trending on Twitter in TEXAS #RadicalRacistRepublicans.
  4. I bet you didn't look at the video did you ? Well diverse crowd cheering OMAR onward.
  5. Ooops forgot the link. http://www.startribune.com/supporters-rally-around-ilhan-omar-following-send-her-back-attacks/512917102/
  6. Omar returns home to Minnesota to a cheering, and diverse crowd.
  7. So how did she get elected in Minnesota ? Minnesota is well known for being a not having a high number of minority people. Much less minority voters. She had to win the white vote of both men and women. Carth & Dalton"s view are in the minority. They are just loud.
  8. We are not cowards like you who are scared of people who look or think different than you and I do.
  9. The way you constantly insult, foul language , and name calling. You can't have a debate with out doin any of those three. Sounds like a 5 year old who is not happy.
  10. So was I, but marriage destroyed that. Then came the kids. So I just gave up.
  11. Why you hate Iran ? Saudi Arabia were the ones who finance Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  12. We know the real you. Over compensating on the keyboard.
  13. So the question is do the Republicans go to far, and lose the little support of minorities they do have ?
  14. Its like the interviews were they ask conservatives if they want Obamacare repealed and replace it with Affordable Care Act.
  15. Back on topic. Didn't take long for John Stewart too respond to Rand Paul https://www.yahoo.com/news/jon-stewart-eviscerates-rand-paul-230017159.html
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