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  1. BuckeyeBacker79

    9th Annual LGSA Pre-Season HS Eligible Tournament

    Heard it was cancelled a few minutes ago.
  2. BuckeyeBacker79

    Week 10 Sub-Varsity Scores

    How about Gilmer scores?
  3. BuckeyeBacker79

    Kilgore v Kaufman

    Kilgore win this easily.
  4. BuckeyeBacker79

    Seems Like Old Times...Gilmer & Pittsburg...Yes Indeed

    I heard it will be Thursday night at Pine Tree's stadium. That was on KYKX football show.
  5. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer 7 on 7 results?

    Gilmer 7 on 7 results?
  6. Does anyone have info on the upcoming season's schedule?
  7. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer 2013 Varsity Footbal Schedule?

    Thank you buckeyebob!
  8. BuckeyeBacker79

    Texas H.S. State Championship Weekend

    Anyone know if roof will be open or closed?
  9. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer Non District Schedule?

    Anyone have info on this yet?
  10. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer 7 on 7

    How did it go. Who won and how did the teams look? Also, who will play QB for Gilmer this year? Thx!
  11. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer Non District Schedule?

    Anything confirmed?
  12. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer Non District Schedule?

    It will be a brutal district. It is a shame that some deserving teams will not make the playoffs.
  13. BuckeyeBacker79

    Argyle vs. Monahans

    Congrats to the Eagles!
  14. BuckeyeBacker79

    Argyle vs. Monahans

    Best of luck to the Eagles. I hope you all can win out. Best wishes from Gilmer.
  15. Any info on this,yet?
  16. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer Buckeyes 2011 Football Schedule

    Will the Atlanta game be in Tyler like last year? Thanks for the info!
  17. BuckeyeBacker79

    ETBU 7 on 7 results?

    Any info?
  18. Jack Gawrieh is excellent. My niece, Madeline, is also a 10 yo lefty and has been going to Jack since last fall. She has made a lot of progress and has learned a great deal. Jack is very patient and really connects with the girls. Madeline loves him. I highly recommend Jack.
  19. BuckeyeBacker79

    Henderson Wins State !

    :notworthy: Congrats ftom Gilmer!
  20. BuckeyeBacker79

    Henderson vs. Paris North Lamar

    . Good job, Lions. Way to represent 16AAA
  21. BuckeyeBacker79

    Congratulations Stump Godfrey!

    Way to go Stump. Keep it going! :happy65:
  22. BuckeyeBacker79

    Gilmer Pre District 2010?

    Anything new yet?