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  1. Lubbock wasn't voted the worst weather city in the US. It was voted to be one of the toughest weather cities. I lived in Lubbock for 8 years, and the weather there is 100x more pleasing to me than the weather in east Texas. The dust storms can be bad, for a day. Typically, those only happen 2-3 times per year though. You've never seen a bluer sky on a day like today, than you'll see in Lubbock, TX. Summer time out there is great, also. Very low humidity and temps drop nicely after sunset. We actually used our back patio on summer evenings in Lubbock. We can't do that here. I would
  2. I fell out of the chair laughing when I heard this statement last night, during the ESPN broadcast. Apparently, that's what the manager believes to be true. If that's the case, Mr. Washington is in dire need of a sterile cup and an impartial witness.
  3. Why get rid of Kinsler? He's "the most instinctual base runner" on your team.
  4. This site needs a dislike button. There's ample opportunity to use it in the political and Rangers forums.
  5. Thanks. I did see that. I felt obligated, though, to reveal the truth and not selectively decide to overlook it.
  6. Rattler did more than personally attack his fanhood. He was allowed to attack Immortal personally, without recourse. At least, I think he was attacking him. I obviously have trouble with reading, because I can't always understand the wisdom Rattler is trying to impart. BTW, I think Immortal and Bloodstain are both fair and correct in their assessment of Michael Young. He's merely a shell of his former self.
  7. That's a good one, in terms of gas. But, I might have to choose Ryan and J.R. Richard. It would be close, though.
  8. Ask him if he's willing to allow himself one error per game.
  9. Since then, he's hit a 2B to CF and a line drive off the LF foul pole for a 2-run dinger. Three hits tonight, with 5 RBI. Has had another bad throwing error, though, to 1B. Needs to correct that quick.
  10. Don't see it happening with the current ownership group. They're huge fans of Fenway. Now that she's 100 years old, the team will be applying for National Historic Landmark status. When approved, she can never be torn down.
  11. Watched the NESN coverage this afternoon of the 100 year celebration festivities for Fenway Park. Even if you're not a fan of the team or the park, there were alot of former players and great characters present for the celebration. Not surprisingly, Jose Canseco showed up thinking the celebration was all about him. He strolled onto the field flexing his biceps and talking on his cell phone. Quintessential Canseco. Heard a great story from Peter Gammons before the clebration started: While coaching with the Expos many years ago, former Sox great Tommy Harper was standing next to
  12. Pudge will be a first-ballot HOFer. I have no doubt about that. To me, this "guilt by association" stuff is just a load of Obama. Without even taking into consideration the fact that he is easily one of the two best defensive catchers of all time, just look at his offensive accomplishments. From @Buster_ESPN: Pudge is 1 of 5 players in HISTORY with a .290 avg., 2500 hits, 550 doubles, 300 HRs, and 1300 RBI. The other four? Ruth, Aaron, Brett, and Bonds If he's not the epitome of a first-ballot HOF'er, then the Hall of Fame should close its doors.
  13. Lester got to enjoy his Popeye's and cold beer a bit early tonight.
  14. Just keep trying. Assuming you have a good connection, you'll eventually wedge yourself into the stream. I would also be trying now, between games. People will be signing off. When you're connected, you'll see the UIL Championship logo.
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