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  1. Jerruh is in total denial ..... How many more years does he give the Red Clapper before he pulls the plug?
  2. Hurts is the best QB in college football ....
  3. Yes. OU was the better team ... still their DBs got away with murder ....
  4. OU defensive backs got away with a lot of holding and early contact the entire game ...
  5. Garrison continues to struggle trying to run the direct snap to Porter or the zone read ... they aren't fooling anyone and defenses continue to key on Porter and he has no blocking ... it's probably the worst offensive scheme they could run with the linemen they have ... it's too late in the season to change or make any significant adjustments ... I listened to the game on the internet broadcast and every time they managed to make big plays they got penalties that killed their momentum ... it's a tough season to watch for a Bulldog fan ... hopefully brighter days are ahead as there are a lot of talented kids moving up ... Dawgs will struggle to make the playoffs and if they do, it will be tough sledding ... our linemen are usually one of our main strengths most every season, not this year ...
  6. Actually, Geraldo has been pretty fair in his coverage of President Trump .... Sheepherder Smith was nothing but a dishonest liberal hack .... I wouldn't mind Harris Faulkner or maybe Candice Owens in his time slot .... Shannon Bream wouldn't be bad either ... I would love to see FOX pull the plug on Wallace .... he really gets me worked up with his dishonest liberal slant ....
  7. Now if we could just get rid of Chris Wallace and Juan Williams ....
  8. If true, Bite Me can kiss his corrupt #### goodbye ...
  9. The dims don't want a fair process ... if they have a vote to begin a legitimate process, the Republicans get to call their own witnesses and get to tell the truth which would blow their phony polls out of the water and Pelosi knows that if both sides are told, the dims have no case ... tru storie ...
  10. If Soetoro is a Christian, he sure didn't act like it ... everything he did while he was in office was as anti-Christian ad it gets ... and that's a fact ....
  11. I have some good memories of the Kurds ... sat at their campfires a few times and drank hot tea and coffee with them for hours talking war stories, survival and battle tactics and trading supplies and equipment with them ... they are a very proud and loyal ally ... we need to help these people any way we can ...
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