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  1. Yes, there are things the "right" does that I don't agree with and some of it is bad, but to try and equate both sides as equally bad is the height of ignorance ... practically everything that happens in congress that is good for America is coming from the Republican side ... practically everything on the liberal dimocrat agenda is bad for America ...
  2. Yes, there are nutjob extremists on both sides, but you are blinded than a bat if you can't see the difference between the agenda of both sides of the political spectrum ... it's literally good vs evil ....
  3. I'd like to spit some beechnut in that hag's eyes ... ... cause a country boy can survive .....
  4. We have the most open and transparent President in my lifetime. The dims and their fake news buddies in the media have done nothing but slander, smear and lie about President Trump for over three years. They have throw every piece of at him they can find and he is still standing ... much to their chagrin ... his popularity is at an all time high in the midst of their weaponizing this virus "crisis" and they are beside themselves that their latest attempt to take him down has failed yet again ... President Trump will ride the wave of truth, justice and openness to victory in November ... the libturds should hang their heads in shame ...
  5. Pencil Neck should be given the Jimmy Hoffa send off ...
  6. Anyone else think they are blowing this coronavirus "crisis" out of proportion? Maybe we should park all vehicles or ban cigarettes and alcohol for a couple of months ... don't even get me started on abortions ...
  7. Morning Joke and his wife are hard to take as well ....
  8. Shocking List of What’s Killed the Most People in 2020 Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths. Seasonal flu, 113,000. Malaria, 228,000. Suicide, 249,000. Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths. HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths. Alcohol related deaths, 581,000. Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000. Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths. Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths. And death by abortion, 9,900,000. In the first three months of this year, January 1 through March 25th. https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2020/04/01/shocking-list-of-whats-killed-the-most-people-in-2020/
  9. A lot of people have figured out the actual "news" isn't what the lame stream media is showing these days. They have joined forces with the liberals and promote nothing but the "fake news" liberal slant .... Informed Americans aren't buying their anymore ....
  10. I have countless relatives and "friends" hounding me to let them hunt on my place. I let my nephew hunt a few years back and he killed a nice buck, the next year he wanted to bring two friends. I had to nip it in the bud and only let my sons and grandkids hunt. Only have about 200 acres to hunt. I let hog hunters hunt a few times but they don't listen or respect boundaries. They left gates open, left deep wheel ruts in places I told them not to drive, knocked down fences and left trash everywhere. No more ....
  11. My sister in Covington, La has her annual crawfish boil the weekend after Easter ... she hasn't cancelled it yet, but I'm sure it will probably be postponed .... it's a BIG wing ding!!!
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