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  1. How many of you pups ever watched, or even heard this one? ...
  2. I throw all political mail in the burn pile ... I have never donated to any political campaign, candidate or cause and I never will ... too much money in politics is one if the main problems we have with government at all levels ....
  3. I spent 6 months at Al Kharj on Prince Sultan AB ... in 94 ... we were billeted in Riyadh and drove 2 1/2 hours to Al's Garage each way ... I had a double wide office on the base and just slept out there many nights to avoid the travel in the heat. I was in Kobar Towers the week before the terrorist truck bomb blew it up. Went to Bahrain three times, once for R & R, and twice on official business , we had a lot of propositioned equipment in warehouses there .... I hated everything about Saudi ...
  4. In her prime, still the best looking woman to ever grace the tv or big screen ....
  5. Valerie Bertinellis dad was a Department Head at General Motors in Shreveport when I work there in the late 90s .... He transferred from the Van Nuys plant to Shreveport ....
  6. Have you been there? If so, when and for how long?
  7. If that's true, you are one confused puppy ... I am as anti government control as it gets ....
  8. I see it went right over your head .... smh
  9. This mask nonsense is the government slowly conditioning us for more government control ... it's like putting a frog in a pot of room temperature water over a fire ... the frog won't jump out if the water gradually gets hotter until it's too late for the frog ... this is what the government is trying to do to us with this mask bs .....
  10. Wrong again, it has nothing to do with health issues ... it's about controlling behavior ... Have you ever heard of the Mutawa? These countries have a religious police that enforce these "rules" .... This link describes the one in Saudi Arabia ... they all have some form of govt or religious enforcement ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_for_the_Promotion_of_Virtue_and_the_Prevention_of_Vice_(Saudi_Arabia)
  11. Some, not all ... and that's not the reason most of them wear them .... it's government or religion mandated mostly ....
  12. I was just discussing, with my wife, the possibility of the government trying to keep us wearing masks all the time as a way to control our behavior. Many countries that I visited during my military career had their masses wearing some form of masks or face coverings all the time, well before this Covid 19 virus. Especially muslim countries. It's something to think about .... more government control .... the resistance is real ....
  13. Why are they only reporting and emphasizing "cumulative cases" instead of current cases? Maybe trying to make the number look like that's how many cases they have now? Seems to me like they should report cumulative cases, current cases, new cases, cumulative deaths, cumulative recovered cases .... that way they would show the true picture ....
  14. By the time it gets that far, there will be a 9 judge Supreme Court ... enter Judge Amy Coney Barrett ....
  15. The big question is after President Trump's historic landslide victory how many tens of thousands of harvested dimocrat ballots will be allowed and how many will be thrown out .... we already know it's what the dims have up their sleeves .... it's their only shot at winning ....
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