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  1. KirtFalcon

    Trump threatens cohen

    Libtards can't handle the truth ...
  2. KirtFalcon

    Trump threatens cohen

    More "fake news" ...
  3. KirtFalcon

    Houston Astros Off Season

    Astros need a couple of top lefties. A starter and a reliever ...
  4. The worst thing that the NFL can do is just ignore this like they think everyone is just going to forget it happened ...
  5. KirtFalcon

    Pro Bowl

    I totally agree ... move it to after the SB and go back to AFC vs NFC ...
  6. She's got a lot of baggage ....
  7. KirtFalcon

    Bret Baier, Family Survive Turnover Car Crash in Montana

    Close call ....
  8. Goddell needs to do something about this travesty ... that entire crew needs to be fired ....
  9. You are a racist if that's what you think "make America great again" means ... sad! .... Americans, including myself, thought electing a black man to be president was a great step for America, it's just sad it had to be an ultra liberal anti-American scumbag ... We weren't afraid, just disappointed ...
  10. KirtFalcon

    QB controversy in Philly?

    I would keep Foles and trade Wentz ....
  11. KirtFalcon

    🔒 Pelosi and Schumer's shutdown

    well then, you will just have to wait like the rest of your buddies ....
  12. I'm not the one saying it ... it's coming from minority community leaders who are tired of being treated like dependent sheep and being fed crumbs by the libtard dimocrats ....