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  1. They didn't say it was legitimate ... They were just too to hear the cases ....
  2. The F22 is the way to go .... it's far superior .....
  3. Liz Cheney should join the dimocrat party ...
  4. I think they should clone Rush Limbaugh and William F. Buckley, Jr. ......
  5. Right .... we can always travel globally and fight Chinese and Russian military jets with kites and parasails .....
  6. How long before Plugs starts handing out billions or cash to these terrorists and dictators on pallets under the cover of darkness ....
  7. You are never going to power the biggest and most powerful jumbo passenger planes, high performance military jets, locomotives and other large powerful heavy equipment with solar or wind energy ..... not gonna happen .....
  8. Nope ..... Increase natural gas production along with shale oil production .....
  9. It's ok grasshopper .... you can come all the way out of the closet now ....
  10. Illegal aliens over American citizens .... it's the dimocrat way .....
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