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  1. propaganda = truth libtards can't handle the truth ... Back in the 50s and 60s the "news" was actually the "news" ... there wasn't much of a political slant The liberal media has chosen to be a biased proponent of the ultra liberal/socialist dimocrat party ..... they have abandoned all semblance of honest news coverage .... Fox merely filled the void of honest conservative news reporting while also allowing the dimocrat slant mixed in ....
  2. KirtFalcon

    President Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign

    You are full of .... Trump has never been for eliminating pre-existing conditions, not back then, not now, or ever .... he specifically says any reform has to cover pre-existing conditions every time he talks about healthcare reform ... you might try actually listening to what he says instead of people like Rachael Madcow, Chrissy Matthews and all the liars over at CNN ....
  3. KirtFalcon

    Trump raises $24 million in 24 hours

    I think it's getting less and less likely that Bite Me is the dimocrat nominee ....
  4. Many minorities in America are slaves to the dimocrat party .....
  5. KirtFalcon

    President Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign

    Total .... President Trump has never been for, or tried to kick anyone off their healthcare plans because of pre-existing conditions ... he has always said he was for keeping pre-existing condition part of any healthcare reform ... You have swallowed the CNN/LSDMSNBC false narrative hook line and sinker ....
  6. Great news for American outdoors enthusiasts and hunters and fishermen ....
  7. KirtFalcon

    President Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign

    The RNC should hire ORKIN trucks to spray around the dimocrat events ....
  8. KirtFalcon

    President Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign

    You really have to scratch your head at all these polls showing President Trump losing to any of the countless dimocraps running for president, much less by double digits .... especially when you see the cheering thousands of people at his events vs the hand full of libtard minions that show up at the dim rallies and events ... Eric Swalwell had something like 18 people show up for his anti-2nd amendment debacle ... Bite Me, Pocahontas, and Crazy Bernie crowds have alson been fairly small ... the rest are almost not worth mentioning ... These polls are nothing but manufactured attempts to lower voter support for Donald Trump ... and judging from last night, it ain't working very well ....
  9. I have their app on my phone ...
  10. KirtFalcon


    You are missing some good hamburgers .... I probably have a lot more free time for lunch than most people ... plus you live down there where most places don't have running water, plumbing or electricity .... where is the closest Danny's .... Beaumont? ... 🤣
  11. It's not on Dish, wish it was .... and I like to keep an eye on what the libtards are saying ....
  12. Yes, he is .... I want to throw up listening to him ... he guides all the libtards through the questions and rarely challenges any of their outrageous lies. Conservatives get the opposite treatment, he challenges their answers as if everything they say is a provable lie and all of America knows it. He goes all out trying to get the left's perspective heard, giving conservatives little time to set the record straight before he throws out another accusation .... I have gotten to where I watch less and less of FNS because of him ....
  13. KirtFalcon


    Have you ever tried a burger at Denny's? If you haven't you should .... it's not fast food, but it's an excellent burger and fries .... beats Whataburger all to pieces ...