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  1. Lighten up Francis ... i know she's a liberal ... although a very good looking one, which is rare, I might add ...
  2. A better looking one, so it would be an upgrade ....
  3. She IS a LOT better looking .... and you know where she stands on the issues .... I'd trade her for a RINO based on her looks alone .... @RETIREDFAN1 is an all or nothing fanatic who would kick her out of bed for eating crackers ....
  4. Christopher Wray's excuses and lame testimony for not prosecuting those agents involved in sweeping these horrendous crimes under the rug are unacceptable ... I don’t care if those involved have retired or moved on, that shouldn't shield them from prosecution .... go after them NOW and fry their sorry s ...
  5. Clinton was almost as bad, he just wasn't as openly obvious about what he was trying to do. .... plus he was held in check by a republican congress .... the libtards of today don't even try to hide their intentions ...
  6. Carthage out coaches Gilmer ... 35 - 27
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