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  1. They were 0-0 with Gilmer at half. Any doubts Gilmer would beat them 10 out of 10 times? Nothing against Pitt. I really like their team. But, they just don't have the offensive firepower to beat good teams. Awesome defense though. Wish I could have seen their other linebacker play.
  2. No they couldn't have. Without a flukey 96 yard int for a TD it would have been 32-6. Their only offensive TD was basically a hail mary with under a minute on the clock. Sunnyvale was clearly the better team. Pitt's offense isn't good enough and Sunnyvale wore down a good Pttt defense. IMHO, Sunnyvale wins this game 10 out of 10 times.
  3. Sunnyvale wins it by beating Canton in the championship. Really good tournament. Grand Saline has some of the greenest grass I've ever seen on a baseball field. Really nice.
  4. Ferris 9 Cooper 5 Sunnyvale 19 Cooper 2 Colleyville Covenant 19 Cooper 1 West Mesquite beat Cooper as well but I'm not sure of the score.
  5. First off, if you can tell me what district Sunnyvale will be in in 2018, you are a smarter man than most. I'm sure Melissa never thought they'd be in the same district as Gilmer. I agree that the DISD schools are where we logically should go but with the UIL, you never know. And do you think that district would really be an upgrade? We beat 2 of the playoff teams this season with 3A numbers. And Madison will probably be in our 3A district next season. As far as the other sports go, we will be fine wherever we are put. There aren't many baseball programs around as consistently good as w
  6. You can't compare the two. Melissa had a run of basketball and football for really only 2 years. Before that they were average at everything. Sunnyvale has had ridiculous success in ALL sports since its inception. The girl's basketball team won state last year, the baseball team won state the year before and now this football run which shows football is catching up. And this is only our 5th ever graduating class. 10 district titles last year alone. Baseball, boys basketball, and softball have made the playoffs every year of their existence and girl's basketball and volleyball have only
  7. Agreed. But we did score 32 against what we were told was an unstoppable White Oak defense, in the rain, while not throwing a pass the whole second half. Just trying to burn clock. No excuses needed. I was at the Mineola game on Saturday. They are dang good. We will definitely have to play our best to win.
  8. So, son, you are saying that all 3 of those teams are terrible? Well, I guess that takes away Mineola's best win as well. I never singled out any of those teams as being great. I just pointed out how awful they must be for losing to the lowly Raiders. I mean after all, we did lose a game in week 2.
  9. Because obviously nobody ever improves from game 2 of the season. I got ya. Man... White Oak, Daingerfield, and Van Alstyne must be absolutely awful to lose by 17+ to a team that lost to Eustace!
  10. So its ok to say "should not have happened" but not ok to say anything about the weather? Sunnyvale is much more of a passing team than White Oak is. So it only makes sense that the weather affected us more than them. But ultimately, it didn't matter. The 2nd TD Sunnyvale took advantage of the coverage WO was in. Just like, I'm sure, Mineola has done plenty this season. The 3rd TD shouldn't have happened. You are right. But it DID because Sunnyvale forced a turnover and then made a play with a 6'4" receiver. If in the second half we hadn't of gone into our "heavy" package, we would ha
  11. Take out the losses to Sunnyvale and they are 31-20. All 5 made the playoffs. Do the same for White Oak's opponents and they are 27-24. Only 3 made the playoffs. Sunnyvale has given up 27 points in the playoffs to White Oak's 23. But you're right, obviously teams stay the same all year and never improve at any aspect of the game. Let's just hope Sunnyvale can hold the Roughnecks under 80.
  12. Not the same team that struggled defensively early in the season. Sunnyvale is been playing really well defensively for the last 5 or 6 games.
  13. Sunnyvale girls beat Brock 59-48. Raiders controlled the entire game and was never really threatened.
  14. Sunnyvale's strength is its receivers. Two very talented guys on the outside and speed on the inside. They are rotating two QB's, both of whom have had success. Many of the starters were on the state championship baseball team. Kids know how to win. Coach Settle has done a great job with this program. They will definitely be a tough W for homecoming.
  15. There are 5 classifications now so surely the numbers will be similar to what we have this year. I agree Stymie, those numbers would not be fair at all.
  16. I could be wrong but I think those numbers are from Padilla.
  17. Mabank 6 Carthage 4 Mabank scores 3 in the top of the 7th to pull off the huge upset! Carthage goes home early.
  18. Yes they did. Was scheduled to be in Bullard but with the rain coming they decided to flip for home and home.
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