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  1. Awww...when debunked quotes become fact...lol However, if you believe this to be true, it goes against all of those who say the war had little to do with slavery.
  2. Probably should just go with Lions and Red Raiders in the End Zone and the Rose Stadium symbol in the middle of the field.
  3. You believe this about a guy who cheats on wife with porn stars and pays them off and who was good friends with Epstein. OK......LOL
  4. Uh...you should probably go look at the debt during the Reagan yrs..lol
  5. I'm fine with that if the ISD refuses federal and local funding....WAIT....that would never happen.
  6. or maybe you know its a great question, and you refuse to answer because....nevermind.
  7. Not true. Public schools are funded by the Federal, State and Local gov. Half does come from local property tax, the other half comes from federal and state through income tax and sales tax.
  8. Another kid in the Longview area finding their way to Longview High...lol JT ninth grade should be ok, but talk is that a few of them will be on varsity. May not be the matchup we orginally thought but we will see. I think Lufkin has a good group coming in too.
  9. Don't really want to dive into this, but the first legal slave owner in the US wasn't black. It is true that Anthony Johnson (who was black man and ex indentured servant aka slave) did sue to keep another indentured servant in 1650s. Legal slave ownership started decades before this. Look up John Winthrop 1641. Of course he wasn't the first either, but his court case for legal slavery is proof that Anthony Johnson wasn't the first.
  10. I'm a person slow to anger...However, I understand human emotion. I'm sure a Hitler statue in Tel Aviv Israel or New York City would upset alot of people.
  11. So I assume that you don't care if Conferdate flags or monuments come up or go down either...because they lost as well.
  12. Not really, the argument is that we should keep the flags and statues up because its history. Texas was once part of the confederacy...And also once part of Mexico. And I'm sure there people in the state who ancestors fought on the Mexican side. Its really the same argument. We can agree to disagree, BUT I would like to know your answer to the question.
  13. hmmm...you didn't answer the question...lol
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