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  1. Baseball is improving at JT, but they still have a long ways to go. But I like their coach, and he is doing things to build confidence in the program. But softball has a bigger hill to climb. It is night and day between the baseball/softball programs at JT vs Lee.
  2. Down to three. 2a- Martin's Mill, Shelbyville 1a-LaPoynor LaPoynor and Shelbyville were my picks from East Texas to win it this yr...but I kinda thought Grapeland would be a tough out. Shelbyville pulled it off. And Martins Mill is undefeated. Congrats to all the east tx teams this yr. Alot of teams made deep runs.
  3. Lots of East TX teams still in the mix. Who has the best chance of winning it all. 5a-Mt.Pleasant 4a-Paris, Chapel Hill 3a-Jefferson, Troup, Crockett, Malakoff, Diboll 2a-McLeod, Martins Mill, Grapeland, Tenaha, Shelbyville 1a-LaPoyner, Leggett, Laneville
  4. congrats to MP and even to SS this yr. They say east texas can't compete in basketball at the big school level, but that has been proving wrong the last couple of yrs. If you get the right coach and you commit to basketball, it can be done. The problem is that east tx settles for sub par coaching in basketball, but not in football.
  5. for many yrs, JT was the best basketball team in East Texas I know there are teams in east tx in the lower classes with more playoff success..so what I mean is that for well over a decade, If you put JT against any team in East Texas (all classes) on a yearly basis, JT would be almost a sure bet to win.
  6. considering the level of the competition....I would say it might be, at least in the last 20-30 yrs
  7. Congrats to WH. put a beat down on JT last night. I think JT was down 20 in the 3rd qtr. If that ain't enough to bring about a change, then nothing will.
  8. I agree with you Mav...I was just wondering how those schools can do something many times that other schools have trouble doing just once. Seems like that have cracked a code...lol
  9. I agree with everyone's point about it being hard and luck to win a title..But why doesn't that rule seem to apply to Aledo, Carthage, Richland Springs, and a couple of others. What are they doing that no one else can duplicate?
  10. Man I hear you, but my point is that he hasn't lost enough to be fired. Unless TISD has a coach in waiting that you for a fact is better, I see no reason for him to lose his job. Now its another story when it comes to basketball.
  11. OK, I'm not saying he is the best coach but what would be the justification to fire him? Wins matter in this business and he has won alot. And Calallen may have a shot at winning it this yr, I think they dropped down a class and they won't have to worry about Carthage.
  12. You are correct. As much as some may have issues with Coach Holmes, he has actually won games and he has had several deep playoff runs. There is no justification to remove him based on his record..other than the community demanding it. The basketball program is another thing. I think it's clear the program is regressing. We shouldn't have to complain because the records speak for itself. Too many bad losses and barely competitive in a mediocre district.
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