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  1. Hey Matt, I've been following some middle school football this yr because of family. Why hasn't Jacksonville 8th grade team played this yr? Well they didn't play a couple weeks ago against Boulter.
  2. Longview black population ain't that much larger than cujo. probably about 100 students. But they do have a much larger white poplation so I get your point. I get pushing the kids, but some of the other stuff is unreasonable.
  3. Originally it was for integration reasons. The black neighborhoods in Tyler were and are the Northside and Westside. Lee took in about 65% of westside when schools integrated. But when they rezoned, it would have made sense for new lines to go to at least Earl Campbell Parkway for JT. If you look the black populations are nearly the same now at both schools now. But Legacy doesn't take in any of the East side which is mostly Hispanic. Some would say there is an athletic reason for the zone decisions. since they rezone, they took out the old areas of north Tyler that were zoned for so
  4. It was Ratliff, Brooks, then Coach Rush. Brooks really deserves credit for JT turning around. It was night and day when Brooks got to JT. You could tell he was a good coach and Coach Rush was his Def. Coord.
  5. nah Von. Gilmer has 700 students total and they have more players in their program than Cujo. Than can field 2 freshman teams. Longview like Cujo black population has dropped a ton. Alot of blacks are going to Pine Tree now. But they got more players than ever. Coach Holmes is from North Tyler. He is young. He should be able to relate to these kids. He went the school with alot of their parents. He knows the culture. He should be able to get kids to play for him. John King ain't from longview, he can't relate culturally to most of his players. But those kids want to play for h
  6. Im willing to give another yr because this is a young team, but at some point you got to take the risk for the sake of the school. I think if the job comes open, you may see some solid applicants.
  7. agreed. I don't expect them to out athlete everyone. But I do expect solid coaching. Its a reason you not getting alot of kids to come out. Its tons of kids playing little league and middle school football in Tyler. Lee/Legacy can get players and they haven't done anything lately. Cujo has won recently and now they can't field a freshman team. Its got to be a reason for that. By the way, Morris actually had very good passing stats, considering how m uch they ran the ball. He threw the ball much more than other qbs during Wilson era.
  8. Greg Ward or Morris may go down as JT top QB, but for me it was Toke. That dude was unreal. They just need to let him work through the growing pains. you can see the potential. JT has outgained every opponet this yr. They outgained North by 200 yds. Had more rushing and passing yds. Probably time of possesion too, but still lost.
  9. nah Mav. I mocked you last yr about wanting a rivalry with PT. This Pine Tree team is probably the best they have had in many yrs. They should give Texas High a good game.
  10. give it up man. We all see that. but at this point I don't know if it matters anymore.
  11. bro. When you have been to 2 semi finals and a quarterfinals, won several district championships, and you can't field a freshman team, after your two feeder schools had outstaning 8th grade teams. Something is wrong. Now you have lost back to back to two bad teams. Change has got to come. Need to see better progress the rest of yr, or it may be time.
  12. he not letting the kid make mistakes. You can tell its mental, because he thinking to much out there. He doesn't take the run when its there because he trying to stay in pocket to find receivers. He hasn't played qb in a yr or two. let him battle through it. encourage him. Coach him up. Cause this team is only going to win if he plays well and they don't give up special teams touchdowns and fumbles/INT's
  13. dude, go read my post again. I never said Pinkard threw for 200 yds last night. I said Pinkard is averaging nearly 200 yds passing per game this season. And I have watched every game this season. Until last night Sanchez had completed like 1 or 2 passes for a total of like 10 to 15 yds for the entire season. So, I don't know why you think this guy is better. But at this point, it doesn't matter. Throw him in there. might as well. Coached threw in the town against Horn at the end. and against North. He quitting and so has many players. I feel sorry for alot of these
  14. dude what stats are u looking at? Sanchez has only completed like 2 passes all yr until tonight, and none of them were more than 5 or 10 yds. Pinkard is avg over 200 yds a game passing. Pinkard threw for 300 yds against Legacy. If you like Sanchez better, thats cool, but don't make up stuff.
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