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  1. Cumberland taking alot of kids too. The Cumberland High has 600 students. I would bet 400 of those kids would probably be at Legacy.
  2. yep, but I have a feeling Legacy will make up their numbers faster than Tyler High.
  3. It was football season when both Tyler schools played Longview. I'm assuming all three schools had guys in Football at that time.
  4. Well I wouldn't compare the DFW area with East Texas in basketball...Lets just say there are a ton of transfers into these basketball powerhouses. But with that said, the SW Dallas County schools (Lancaster, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Duncanville) are loaded with talent But generally speaking, the enrollment gap doesn't matter as much outside of football, thats why I think the split is only really needed for football.
  5. I think re-zoning and the opening up of RISE and Early College has some effect on the numbers.
  6. they do. just trying to give an idea on where the school enrollments are at this time. But you right, it should be pretty close.
  7. On the TEA enrollment site, they have the 20-21 enrollment data. (likely data from this past Oct) Smith County: Tyler High 2073 Legacy 2351 Chapel Hill 1077 Lindale 1207 Whitehouse 1535 Legacy will likely be 6a for a few more realignments. Who knows what happens. I wouldn't be shocked at all if Tyler fell to Div.2, but I think they are safe for Div.1 I think Lindale will stay down, and Jacksonville and SS may follow. That would honestly be good for their football programs.
  8. I thought they go with a coach with some head coaching experience and a good record...kinda like Coach Pinson when he got hired at JT. But the community is excited about this hire. I hope he does well.
  9. bro, I agree with you. I said they probably wouldn't make the playoffs if he the qb. There is no way I see this guy transfering to Tyler if he wasn't going to start.
  10. Sanchez is a good kid. He played a little better than I thought he would last yr. If you need a game manager, he would be ok. But they need more than that just to be a playoff team. I think the transfer will likely be favored to start...unless he looks bad in the spring. Don't be shocked if some others are in the running at QB
  11. In 2000 JT beat Arlington Lamar in the semi finals at TX stadium. So that may be the game you were thinking about.
  12. Its possible, but I got to think Wade will spend most of the time at WR. Last yr, the kicker, I believe his last name is Howard, played some at Safety. Lacy played some DB too and so did that Key kid. They will find somebody, because I think the Martin kid that was a freshman on JV has a good chance to start at CB too.
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