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  1. Hey Mavchamp...you got the Tyler High scores mixed up. The Boys lost to WH 37-32 and the girls beat WH 62-34. I hate saying that someone should be fired, but Tyler High boys basketball coach just doesn't cut it. He has had several yrs and he hasn't been good. It's time to move on. Tyler High was once the best big school B-Ball program in East Texas, and now its barely a playoff team, if that.
  2. I thought their long time coach retired after last seaon.
  3. no doubt. It happens alot. I just wonder if it will ever change. Maybe it doesn't need to. It seems to be once a school has over 2000 students, the playing field is more even with larger schools when compared to a school with 400 kids playing a school with 1300 kids. Still seems crazy that D-2 schools can outnumber a D-1 school by almost 1000 students. I'm not sure if UIL meant for it to be that lopsided. But, then again, we are talking about the UIL.
  4. Well, I could argue that there are other cities growing just as fast like Vegas, Atlanta, and areas within Florida, but I get your larger point. Texas metro areas are growing at a fast rate. You are correct about comparing Louisiana to Texas. The landscapes are different. For example, in Texas the rural areas and smaller towns are becoming heavily Hispanic. But in Louisiana, many of the rural areas and smaller towns are predominantly Black. From a football standpoint, blacks are more likely to participate. However, I used this comparison because in Louisiana the debate of a smalle
  5. The problem with this debate is that in Texas teams rarely play teams that are more than 1 classification away. You go one state over the Louisiana and public 1a schools will play 5a schools. It happens all the time. It's not a stretch for a very good public 3a school to beat a 5a school. (Notice I said public because being a private school makes the playing field even with any classification). However, the gap in enrollment is not as wide as Texas. For the most part, an elite 4a/5a school in both Texas and Louisiana usually beats an elite smaller school. But I have seen an upset or t
  6. Crazy, but the 6a Div.2 champ will have a much higher enrollment than the Div.1 Champ. Katy:3466 Westlake:2833 SLC:2786 I guess to be fair, if Westlake and SLC were in Div.2 playoffs, they probably be playing each other for championship anyway. Not sure if Katy went Div.1 they would beat N.Shore, but wouldn't be shocked if they did.
  7. I'm not sure he there when Ratliff was there. I believe Rush was the Def coordinator under Ratliff and Thomas Brooks, but I could be wrong. But Coach Anderson has been there for over 10 years. I'm sure he will retire there too.
  8. I think the point he is making is that under the current Tyler system, you have to have a very good qb to be effective. They don't, so best to maybe go to something that can eat up clock and shorten the game, which will give them a better chance to win. But who knows, maybe qb play improves alot over the summer.
  9. yep. This system is all about having a great qb. They don't have a dominating O-line and the best players on this team are the skill position guys. Need a good qb to get them the ball. Need Sanchez to improve alot this summer. Also think its time to change D-Coordinator, but its unlikely to happen.
  10. Zach? what about the kid from Boulter who was varsity this yr.
  11. who was the JV qb this past yr when they played Cujo. He looked pretty good to me.
  12. I don't won't to take anything away from any team . Its tough to win state at any level. For the most part, the playing deck has been evened out more with the split classes, except for 6a. A school with 2200 playing schools with 4000 kids is crazy. The landscape has changed. It used to be that the rural 5a/6a schools (JT, LV, LP, Midland, Odessa, Killeen etc) and inner city 5a/6a schools (Carter, Yates, Skyline, Kimball, Ike) had all the talent. Pretty much everything is in the burbs now, and the demographics are changing in the inner city and rural areas. At the same time, at the
  13. not far removed from being one of top 5a programs in state. Like you said, its one thing to have a bad yr, but program as a whole seems to be declining. Sad. Hopefully they get things back in right direction this upcoming season.
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