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  1. I think it was Ore City. Tatum can't help that they have a ton of athletes on the team. It is a week away from playoff time....can't take it easy on anyone. I guarantee that if Ore City could have beaten Tatum like that, they would've done the same thing.
  2. Chapel Hill is looking at a rematch with Kilgore in the 3rd Round to go to the regional tourney. Argyle (Defending state champs) will be waiting at the Regional Tourney on whoever wins in the Chapel Hill/Kilgore rematch.
  3. I heard Obamacare is the reason for this big mess. It was hidden text in the Health Care plan... Here's what will happen: -Every district will have 6 or 7 teams. -Everybody will make the playoffs regardless of the outcome of district. -Jerry will host all Bi-District games at cowboy stadium -Powerlifting will become apart of the UIL -Willie Hargett will get the coaching job at Marshall and/or Whitehouse
  4. Does Texas High have anybody signing this year? I haven't heard much out of them..... Also, what does Tatum have? They usually have a few athletes going places every year.
  5. Gonna be an interesting game. I see a Tatum win here.....a white oak tie breaker win.....and then another matchup in the regional finals.
  6. Daingerfield and Tatum do it regularly....
  7. District turning out as expected for the most part. You would think Kilgore would be more competitive though.
  8. Other than Macfarlin, what are some other names floating arround Harrison County?
  9. JT will probably start off slow, but they'll pull away in the 2nd half. John Tyler 42 Marshall 14
  10. Looks competitive but i doubt it happens. District 17-3A only has 5 teams while district 16-3A has 6 teams. If Kilgore does drop 3A, the UIL is likely to move 1 team to district 17-3A in order to balance it out....if the 17-AAA district remains the same. Wouldn't be surprised to see: 16-AAA Gladewater Gilmer Spring Hill Kilgore Carthage Pittsburg 17-AAA Athens Brownsboro Bullard Chapel Hill Rusk Henderson I'd love to see some teams come back to 3A (Tatum, New Boston, Daingerfield, White Oak),.....I'd also like to see the UIL split 3A football districts with big school/small school prior to the start of the season like they've already done 1-A & 2-A. This would make teams like Spring Hill, Gladewater, and Pittsburg be small schools, where they could play teams like White Oak, Daingerfield, New Boston, and Tatum....teams similar to their size.....maybe just wishful thinking.
  11. Don't think Bears have any injured. I know Spring Hill lost a couple during non-district.
  12. Yes. Courtesy of your 6'7" kid. But you guys did good last yr in bball. I expect y'all to ease in there again...maybe
  13. The football playoff teams of this district will not make the basketball playoffs...lol
  14. I see you asked a question then answered it yourself....so I'll help you out. I think Gladewater will get the win this week. The Bears aren't a bad team....Gilmer is just a dang good team; and they really showed how experienced they are against G-water last week. Remember, Luke Turner was a receiver 2 years ago when Gilmer won the 09 state championship. He knows how to lead, and he knows how to rally his team up and get em goin! I said that to say this....don't count Gladewater out of the playoff race just yet. The Bears are still very much capable of beating Spring Hill, Pitt, and Carthage. Pittsburg really exposed Carthage last night and I think Gladewater is just as good as both of those teams. Rivalry games are played much differently than other games; therefore, emotions were very high in the Gladewater/Gilmer game. Gilmer's nerves settled quicker and they were able to jump out early on the Bears and not look back! Gladewater will settle down next week. Baugh and his staff are good at making the necessary adjustments to win ball games. Hell, they did it in Longview for the longest. Did you see the 08 Allen/Longview game? How about the 09 Waxahachie/Longview game @ Kincaide? Its hard to keep up with Gilmer when you don't have the speed of 2 of the top sprinters in the state on your team anymore! Spring Hill probably won't win a district game. They are well coached, but just don't have the athletes. I also understand they have a couple of kids out injured....which doesn't help the situation. Give Gladewater time! Although they haven't won a district game since beating Chapel Hill in 2009, they are a much improved team and will continue to develop. Anyhow, Gladewater gets the win against Spring Hill.....Go Bears!
  15. I think it's still too early to tell how this will play out. This district will be fun to watch again this year. Carthage, Henderson, Gilmer & Gladewater will duke it out for the top 3 spots.
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