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    Born and raised in Marshall, Tx. I have lived in Gilmer Tx since 1996. I support the Buckeyes!!!!I live in Longview now, and I still support the Buckeyes!!!!!
  1. Great game Buckeyes. Keep improving week to week, and get ready for the district games.
  2. blackflag79 I am still here, I don't post as much as I did but I still support the Buckeyes as much as I always did. Do you have a link to the game broadcast? The one I have does not work.
  3. My Smith & Wesson is 9mm, the Uberti is .38 special.
  4. Fourth quarter score; Gilmer 63 Caddo Mills -0-
  5. 3:44 until halftime; Gilmer 42 Caddo Mills -0-
  6. First quarter score; Gilmer 21 Caddo Mills -0-
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