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  1. Great game Buckeyes. Keep improving week to week, and get ready for the district games.
  2. blackflag79 I am still here, I don't post as much as I did but I still support the Buckeyes as much as I always did. Do you have a link to the game broadcast? The one I have does not work.
  3. My Smith & Wesson is 9mm, the Uberti is .38 special.
  4. Fourth quarter score; Gilmer 63 Caddo Mills -0-
  5. 3:44 until halftime; Gilmer 42 Caddo Mills -0-
  6. First quarter score; Gilmer 21 Caddo Mills -0-
  7. second quarter score; Gilmer 21 Gladewater 21 second quarter score; Gilmer 21 Gladewater 21 second quarter score; Gilmer 21 Gladewater 21
  8. Any new progress reports on the injured Gilmer baseball player?
  9. Merry Christmas to all from my family to yours. May your new year be blessed!!!!
  10. Great win Buckeyes!! I thought Celina would have scored a few more points than 17. The first quarter was all Celina. The last three belonged to Gilmer.
  11. First, Gilmer played a very good game. Second, They played an opponent, that could have beat Gilmer had they got in the lead. Third, Jasper's style of play reminded me of the Liberty Hill team we faced in the state game in Waco. Besides at my age stringing together coherent thoughts sometimes isn't as easy as it used to be. No offense taken, and no offense intended on my part.
  12. Great game Buckeyes!!!! A very good opponent in the third round. Jasper gave us everything they could. This years Jasper team would have matched up really well against the 2007 Liberty Hill team that beat Gilmer in Waco at the state finals.
  13. If my less than reliable memory is correct, the last time we played Jasper it was at Rose stadium as well. At this point in the season their shouldn't be any push over teams left. In last weeks game the Buckeyes still had some silly penalties, these need to be addressed before the Jasper game. I am hopping for a clean, and injury free game.
  14. This should be a good game. Rose Stadium (Buckeye Stadium South) has been a favorite neutral site. We have had some very good games there. Gilmer needs to limit the silly penalties, make sure any turn overs be Jasper's. I have not followed Jasper, but if you are still in the play-offs, you aren't sloppy. I hope both teams have a clean injury free game, with Gilmer moving on to the fourth round.
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