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  1. When it comes out youll realize this is tame. Check it out when the national news outlets start talking about it.
  2. Legit lold at Bradley returning to lolquin. That ain’t happening.
  3. sigh you don’t get it stupid or liar. This is a no win situation for him. Either a) he knew about it or b) he didn’t and hired a scumbag pos Both are bad.
  4. There’s a bigger picture here. The fact that the kid felt/knew it was okay to even show the coach the video is disturbing.
  5. Til krooked needs the def of illegal. Also 83 dude is just crushing this thread.
  6. As long as a coach isn’t doing any unethical or illegal it’s horrible to go behind his back.
  7. Couldn’t agree more with this. The bar fight is a problem but it’s not an unhirable problem. It’s a little gross since they were at a coaching clinics so to an extent on company doubt. The part thats a major major MAJOR problem is the back stabbing and dirty politicking. I have no idea on earth how one could possibly work for him. Soon as stuff goes south you know he’s turning on you. He’s already proven that much.
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