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  1. The soph and freshman have only been at Spring Hill prior to Gilmer. The senior though . . .
  2. Please?!?! Bring your turf field with you!
  3. I think the biggest and main difference was the lack of discipline over the last few years. In my opinion, that was Gilmer's biggest problem . . . Outside of Pleasant Grove, of course.
  4. He wasn’t even drressed out for the last 2 games. We (Gilmer fans) have been wondering what Tennison would look like when he was fully let loose to throw and not a run-only QB. He played the entire game last week but only threw 12 passes. Personally, I felt he looked good for the most part, just inexperienced.
  5. He was injured prior to halftime vs Fairfield and hasn’t played since then.
  6. PG will make teams look that way. All credit to them for handling business in a dominating fashion. Unfortunately for Gilmer, PG Is just a freight train does not appear to be derailed this season. I will be extremely shocked if there is a team in D2 that beats them.
  7. Thanks! I think that was right before we got whipped by Atlanta.
  8. Fun Fact: My screen name was poisonednutz10 before I was forced to change it. I was told I should be ashamed of my screen name.
  9. Some time in 2003. Too lazy to look.
  10. Guess you missed the whole from 2001-2009 part . . .
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