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  1. I just read through this thread and noticed that there was a prediction to take a loss to Frisco. I would say that this year PG should win that game and possibly handily. They lost a bunch from last year and unless Vance Gibson is hiding the size and speed in the other classes, PG should have the talent advantage. They have zero starters coming back on offense. That's right. Most of the offense will be JV players from last year. Josh Gibson on the other hand, seems to have built a nice little up and coming program.
  2. After having seen them play Lone Star the last two seasons, North Forney looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. MP rolls.
  3. That DMN prediction is all Corbett Smith. They've been all over Lake Ridge all year, but that prediction is rediculous. media type never learn that hyperbole doesn't translate to real games
  4. I would be willing to bet that Longview's defense is the best defense LR will have seen. I've not seen Summit, but you folks have. Does Longview have a better D than Summit? If so, then I'd say LR will see their best defense on Saturday night. All I know is that Longview runs the ball better than Poteet and LR showed some softness. I also think that Longview will get some key stops. Control the clock, stay ahead on the scoreboard and get to the 4th quarter to make LR butts pucker. LR hasn't been in a close 4th quarter game yet this year. Duffey is not infallible. I saw some dumb throw
  5. I've mostly lurked this site for a few years and the most respectful posters in this forum are Marshall fans.
  6. I pretty much agree with this. I've seen Lone Star 4 times this year and here's a few attributes that I've observed. 1. The OL is not overpowering and their pass protection is mediocre; I'd say they've been effective given the skill guys. Jason Shelly makes up for what I'd consider inconsistent protection. The kid came make plays on the move and he has a great feel for the pass rush. 2. They have 2 WRs that can flat out fly. Jaylen Dixon (#2) 4.40 40 and Michael Johnson (#9) (Houston offer). They also have another WR that seems to find the seams when Shelly is on the move. 3.
  7. Long time Frisco resident here. When you have an ISD that had 400 students in high school in the early 90s to having 53,323 in the ISD and 14,310 in HS, it's pretty explosive growth. Lone Star HS was screwed by the lobbying of Wakeland HS parents for their first 4 years, so their enrollment was kept under 1,000. The ISD finally rezoned to direct those students to Lone Star, because if they didn't, Wakeland would have ended up with 3,000 students attending a school built for a max of 2,200. That said, 1. No, families can not choose the HS. It's all based upon where the lines get d
  8. Plano was down to Highland Park 28-0 in 1977 and won 29-28. I thought that was a great comeback, but this one... wow!
  9. I've never heard anyone accuse micotrav of smack talk. He posts a ton in this forum too. He was more active here when Royse City was playing in an East Texas district. He literally would be the last person to disrespect anyone and I know for sure his high regard for East Texas football.
  10. Okay, let me see if I can help you out with the sarcasm being presented in this particular forum. Their are two fans of McKinney North. One of them is a former McKinney ISD coach that follows all the McKinney teams (Runthecounter). He and Diggs have an on going banter. Diggs called North the most overrated team in DFW and thus every week the coach posts something as a dig at Diggs. He called JT the best team North will face all year. Kepdawg is a Denison fan that works in Frisco ISD, so he's familiar with all the teams. His comment had nothing to do with JT. He really doesn't care a
  11. That's good to hear. I'm really not at all surprised to hear about PG's turn around this year. I've been following the PG results. I know there were a bunch of kids (seniors at Frisco) that were disappointed when he left, but it was no secret he was looking for the right gig to jump into.
  12. LOL, being from Frisco, this is what every Friday night looks like. You can offset the speed and aggressive pursuit if you have legit offensive linemen from tackle to tackle to establish an inside running game. When Frisco played Tyler 2 years ago and employed the "we can't stop you, but you can't have the ball strategy", the key was that Frisco's OL actually established the LOS. The strategy worked until Tyler made a stop in the 2nd half, then suddenly Frisco is down two scores and it's a different game. The question is if PG has a good enough defense to stop Atlanta's offense. It s
  13. Gotta love the end of this thread. Some longtime Stepheville fan (toward the end of the thread) is suggesting that the healthy QB runs for 200 yards against Kilgore. Gotta love poor sports. The rest of the HS football world knows that Kilgore kicked their ####.
  14. Longview has to immediately become a top 5 contender (without even considering all the schools that can potentially move up). With Guyer moving up to 6A and Ryan staying 6A, region 1 will be a whole lot more wide open and not nearly as strong. In region 2 4A this year, DFW has had the better of East Texas, however with Longview and Lufkin moving up and Tyler getting much better next year, I look for the level of play necessary to win the region to become much tougher. At this point, I don't see any DFW teams to contend with those 3 teams. Even if Highland Park were to stay 5A (which they a
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