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  1. Prairiland is looking for one more team in there HS and JH track meets. JH on March 21 and HS on March 24. Contact Augie Berend [email protected] Preferably a 3a, 2a, or 1a size school.
  2. Anyone know of some good games to go see this Friday and Saturday.
  3. Anybody have a JV score for North Lamar vs Pittsburg?
  4. Very impressive game, and the fact that he is just a sophomore just adds to it
  5. Batters being hit by pitch is what i would guess
  6. Daingerfield has not had an athletic banquet in 3 years. So before you start bashing the new guy for not having a banquet get your facts straight.
  7. anyone have a score for the harmony and ore city game
  8. What are the Standings for this district
  9. who won the HS - Harmony game
  10. Is that correct, Mckinney is only a freshman, thought he was on varsity last year.
  11. THSBCA always messes up records at the start of the year. Theirs just not enough sources out there to get correct information unless you go through the coaches.
  12. Hughes Springs record is 14 - 0, I do not know where the polls get there records from but they seem to always be off at the start of the season.
  13. SORRY RECORDS BELOW DF (3-0) HS (3-0) WO (1-1) HARMONY (1-2) BYE TONIGHT OC (1-2) ND (0-2) UG (0-2)
  14. Going into tonights games district records are:
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