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  1. Just adding facts. Sorry if they steal your thunder
  2. Gilmers defense gave up over 400 points and you could only win by two with the grace of a missed FG?
  3. Yes, speed is hard to tell on film.. but you don’t have to wait much longer. An example is look out your car door it doesn’t look like you are going 70 mph. Then stand in the side of the road and it feels like cars are blowing by at 100mph. Get ready to bow down PG!
  4. So I’m a 5th grader and a name caller. Got it! What’s with all the hashtag? Are you having difficulty expressing your thoughts with words?
  5. I mean it takes a special kind of stupid to think y’all have a wing-t that is different or better than we have ever seen. Your size doesn’t mean anything. Our boys have never been tired. Our offense does enough to win and that’s all that needs to be done. Every week we play bigger lineman. Y’all are in for a huge wake up call and some major crow. But I’m sure you will run for the hills when the game is over. When we beat y’all what will you say then. Wow, we weren’t as good as I thought or wow that WOS team was every bit as good as the hype.
  6. Man you wasted a lot of time on your BS assessment...
  7. someone said the whole game would be put on youtube.... i can only find the 18 minutes highlight video
  8. :nowhearthis: GAME DAY! :nowhearthis: GET READY!! :nowhearthis: GO REBELS!!!
  9. Very funny and thank you for the warm welcome. I must ask wouldn’t it have been smarter baseball if he ran on two outs and instead of standing at short stop be standing on home plate to see if he would have dropped it and score.. wow your right that is good baseball ha. As for the umpire calls it did go both ways you can not blame it on the umpires.
  10. well lets here it Yuga fans, Im sure you have tons of excuses of why yall lost this game! I must say we may be loud from the stands, but at least our players respect the other team. Just in case yall missed it. When the pop fly to shortstop was being played your player passed the shortshort, stopped and backed up and clearly tried to cause the shortstop to miss the pop fly. NOW COME ON!! He is very lucky that he did not get thrown out of the game for that.. Maybe yall should stick to football and basketball..
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