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  1. I'm sorry. You are a nice guy. And you have spoken the truth. I just didn't catch it!
  2. From my experience, typically what the district puts the most emphasis on is who becomes the athletic director. Or whose parents bark the loudest! The basketball coach was the AD for years 'til he retired a couple of years ago. I wonder who it is now???????
  3. They ran Meeks out of town, and now Castles. It all depends on leadership at the top.\ Either way, Abron or Castles would be an upgrade.
  4. If you watched the Graham/Celina game, you would have noticed that Celina was only a shell of its past. The only reason I knew who was playing was seeing those putrid orange uniforms. If Graham had not run the opening kickoff back for touchdown, I believe there would have been a different outcome. That game was a hard to watch. If Graham has any chance, it will be FAKE NEWS that comes to there aid.
  5. You watch. By letting schools broadcast games this year, I bet it becomes permanent. That way the UIL can make money off of local games.
  6. Gilmer fans upset they didn't score 63 on a pitiful Pittsburg team. It put Coach Metzel on the hot seat.
  7. Who is left that will make a difference. I like Griffis. I think he is a good coach. But he lost some really good young coaches.
  8. You copied and pasted this from a Bill Belichick press conference didn't you. OH!! Wait. They usually win.
  9. I believe a lot of the coaches, including some of the young coaches, have already left. Bet ya a hundo 20 miles north gives the panthers more to cry about. By the way, Griffis is a good ball coach. He can do better.
  10. They should. But he ain't gonna be there. I look for there to be a complete overhaul on the staff.
  11. Can you be on the school board and be the head coach too????
  12. He's gonna learn a lot about Diana real quick.... I do have to say that Chrisman stayed a year longer than I predicted..
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