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  1. Waco High OC and former Lions player Ryan Graves has applied for the job. Waco ISD athletic director Johnny Tusa told me this morning the job was posted immediately (earlier this week) and interviews will begin late next week. Waco High also moved into Class 6-A in a district that includes Temple, Midway, Belton, Copperas Cove and the four Killeen ISD schools (Killeen High, Shoemaker, Ellison and Harker Heights).
  2. I have to admit, the ride since Smoaky.com launched on July 2, 2002 has been amazing. I didn't know if we would make it one month, much less one year, and now sixteen years this week. There have been over 50,000 people register with Smoaky.com over the years, many remain active and I hope you'll continue to support this website. Some members have been on since Day One, some have come and gone, some were here for a week or a game or a topic, many have remained loyal and I can't thank you enough. My family and I, our admins and moderators and you have turned this into a go to place for news. I'm still blown away by how many stories we've, yes, WE'VE (including you!) have broken over the years. The fun, feedback, human interest stories, passion, trash-talking, some nice, some a little much, but in the end we all have one common goal. WE love Texas high school sports and the many other topics that we discuss in the forums sections. Smoaky.com has to be the greatest high school football networking, ever and you're THE reason. I have been honored and privileged to read, watch and listen to the incredible sports fans, starting off with tremendous fans in greater-East Texas and then we added regions during each playoff season. And, when I moved to Central Texas in June, 2010, I asked, "Why not grab the mid-section of Texas too?" And, we did...and it's been so much fun along the way. As we start the stretch towards another football season, I am asking for your feedback, good, honest, legitimate, proactive and helpful feedback. What do you want from me/us/Smoaky.com? Podcasts? What...? What else can we do? I'm about to add a couple of reporters to help keep up with stories and pin them at the top of the forums section and onto the homepage. As my responsibilities at ESPN-Central Texas have increased, I have found myself almost drowning trying to give you what you want. Please respond on this thread, but please, if someone suggests something, don't react negatively, react, but let's all think through what else can be done. If you would rather email me your thoughts, feedback and suggestions, send to [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you for an amazing sixteen years of full-throttle amazing! David Smoak Owner-Smoaky.com
  3. Name: Stephen DuBose Email: [email protected] Message: Overton Independent School District has an opening for the following position: Athletic Director/Head Football Coach/Dean of Students. Must have a valid Texas teaching certification • Must have at least 5 years experience as a coach, Current CDL, Knowledge of overall operations of an athletic program. Knowledge of coaching techniques and procedures. Proven ability to motivate student athletes. Ability to develop and implement policy and procedures. Ability to manage budget and personnel. Excellent public relations, organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. Preference given to current Overton ISD employees Applications will be taken through May 25, 2018. Applicants may send application, resume, and letters of interest to: Stephen DuBose Superintendent Overton ISD [email protected] fax: 903-834-6755
  4. tter.com/DavidSmoak/status/995082384004481026Jack Alvarez on ESPN-Central Texas
  5. This is absolutely false, Davin Nelson has been in meetings throughout the day. Obviously, things can change with any story, but putting this out there without fact is worth a suspension. Smoaky
  6. https://twitter.com/DavFmer Copperas Cove AD/Football Coach Jack Welch's Emotional Interview on ESPN-Central Texas...idSmoak/status/991809130565423106https://twitter.com/DavidSmoak/status/991809130565423106
  7. COACHES, When your season has concluded, please take a few minutes to nominate players from your team for the Texas Sports Writers Association All-State Softball Team. Players do not have to be seniors. Please include: Player(s) School Classification of School (PLEASE INCLUDE THIS. I KNOW MOST OF THEM, BUT NOT ALL) Grade Position (If a player plays more than one position, please let me know what position your prefer they be considered for. If they play multiple positions, you might want to nominated them for utility Stats: Final season stats Email to [email protected] Deadline to nominate is the Tuesday after the UIL State Softball Tournament
  8. Smoaky

    Parent files lawsuit against Carthage ISD

    Okay, that's enough...locking this thread because so many of you are clueless with your insinuations, allegations and in some cases, perhaps slander in either direction. And, I'm not taking any sides of this story, but I've heard from many of you in various ways. And, if any of you were on one side of this story or the other and read what I've read in this thread, you would be in a fetal position and asking me to ban someone or delete a post or contacting an attorney. I know this story won't die because I lock a thread, but you better have your information correct when the next thread opens. Thank you. David Smoak [email protected]
  9. https://twitter.com/1660ESPN/status/989978862925811712
  10. Thank you for the feedback...
  11. I said I've spoken with Coach Nelson, I've made it clear he has questions to answer, the board has questions too. In time, the truth, whatever it is will decide the end of this story.
  12. Which was my original point.
  13. This is so far from the truth in today's society and social media age. No one lets something pass, at least from not what I monitor or read...get on the wrong side of a topic or story and some won't be happy until you have blood coming out of your ear. Apparently, you didn't read my post on the previous Daingerfield/Nelson thread. I've sent email to superintendent and I know there have been requests for information as well. But, we are also in the age of guilty until proven innocent, unless of course it doesn't fit our narrative or it's against someone we know or like, or a family member. You get my point. In the end, we want what's right...we just need to stop crucifying without facts and yes I know some of you feel you have legitimate facts. Smoaky