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    Hunting and fishing are first love. Football and baseball are a close second. Enjoy spending time with the family. Love anything to do with WWII and Vietnam history.

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  1. I hate that it's an automatic objection...if it's a cheap shot yes...if he is trying to lay the wood on someone and seperate him from the ball..so be it.
  2. He certainly didnt look in any pain going off the field for half
  3. His NFL films a " Football life " is a must watch for young ball players
  4. My all time fav ram and player. I don't put any stock in pro athletes of today but this guy was a good man on and off the field...
  5. Believe its sfa next Friday night
  6. How's everyone's spot coming along ? Any potential trophys on camera?
  7. Garrison ISD has a live stream on their facebook ....lags from time to time though
  8. I feel bad for Craig Way..he can't even look forward to the weekend. He has to watch this trash week in and out.
  9. I set my fantasy lineup then do other things...it's been pretty easy
  10. Been a Rams fan my whole life but i don't care if they play another down. These guys don't play for you or the city they just happen to be playing in. I haven't watched any baseball either and don't plan to. The no sports during covid has definatley made it easier to move on. New stadium..new uniforms and i could care less. My sundays will be spent in the deer stand far away from the cell phones and social media.
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