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  1. That's really got to sting. San Fran controlled the game till the last 7 min but as a Rams fan that was nice : )
  2. Horns offer son of Longview great Bobby Taylor. Certainly has the genes to be a good one https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/1/29/21114468/texas-offers-2022-katy-db-bobby-taylor
  3. From Burn Orange Nation There were concerns about Mitchell’s future, however, when he was the only player to leave the field before the Eyes of Texas following the win over Texas Tech to finish the regular season. Then, in the Alamo Bowl, former walk-on linebacker Cort Jaquess started over Mitchell, who did end up playing significant snaps and recorded five tackles. Little adversity and something doesn't go your way...tuck tail and run instead of working
  4. Still waiting on these guys to get the call...
  5. I don't think it has anything to do with CTE and all with Antonio Brown the ego maniac.
  6. I'm not saying don't throw the ball. Today's kids can go from under center to the shotgun a lot easier than when i played.
  7. When i see the kids coming up i think of more traditional Garrison style football. Under center ..pound the ball and win with a usually solid defense and clock control.
  8. https://loudwire.com/rush-neil-peart-dead-67/ I was having a pretty good Friday until i heard the news. This ####.
  9. Seems like a step down the coaching ladder to me !
  10. Terrible....that's a stretch...game changer eh...better than average..ok
  11. Pee-Wee Herman caught flipping off the Longhorn network cameras on live tv this morning
  12. Will have to reserve judgement on this hire. Never really heard of him. I do know from other sites UT fans were leary of him calling him a " comfort " hire for Herman. Or one of " his " guys . Now on to the offense.
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