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  1. Talking about coaches at Pittsburg coach meeks has brought a staff that is rich in east texas football. You have the before mentioned dickson you also have dickey son ricky meeks who was the qb under his dad in mt vernon. Coach lipsey is a product of lenoard I believe. Coach burleson for sure I know was a coach at sulphur springs. You have griffis who is a pittsburg native and played for the pirates. Coach boyd was a star at daingerfield who went on to play at baylor. Coach woodard has a family of coaches with success and is a product of houston and I believe he has a few state champs himself.
  2. Filled all but march 14 and march 17
  3. Pittsburg is looking to fill games on Feb 17 or 18, March 11, March 14, March 17 would prefer to play 3A or 4A schools.. If you are interested contact Drew Webster 903-563-3068 or email [email protected]
  4. Glad u can take pride in ur child's accomplishments. You should get a mug for that
  5. Well I am not sure where you are from but the kid can throw I have seen it on a gun from college coaches.. But I guess it is hard to believe that a kid from a small school can throw hard. But if you do not wanna believe we will see.. Just come and watch
  6. Well I like I said we will see and I know I face Griffin as well he threw hard but it was all kind of like lance Armstrong... Just hope that college coaches would not lie to a kid about velocity..
  7. Well I don't know I guess he struck out 127 on a lil ole 82 or 80 mph fastball... But it does not matter guess we will all wait and see if it is true.
  8. The big kid that played 1st base has already been clocked this past summer and this past week at 90-93 at the area code tryout and down in houston he was 87-88 last year.. so he is legit and the other kid that caught is mid 80's... no move ins just a year of physical maturity. But you cant win if you dont score
  9. Jefferson has a kid who is 90+ on the mound and another who is mid 80's... team has to stay healthy
  10. Jefferson should be alright it will be a tough district.
  11. Jefferson baseball is looking for a Feb. 8th Scrimmage prefer to be at Home if you are interest email Coach Webster @ [email protected] or call me @ 903-563-3068
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