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  1. If you have official word on an East Texas district concerning playoff scenarios, please post them on this thread. Thanks! Scott Myers Mineola, TX Co-host, Friday Night Live KMOO-FM 99.9
  2. New Boston swept Winnsboro, 11-1 and 8-2.
  3. http://swputtingtour.com/ Scroll down to our tour stop at Tyler Putt-Putt Gold and Games. Results of that weekend in the windy, COLD climate!!! Scott
  4. Edgewood 25, Grand Saline 0 (5 innings) Quitman 2, Mineola 1 (8 innings)
  5. Looking for scoring updates from January 30th games. Scott
  6. Cool to finish tied for second after a late season surge. Hope that carries over into the Bowl Challenge.
  7. USC Florida State Central Florida OU Georgia Boise State Clemson Ohio State Florida Atlantic Troy *Tiebreaker: Baker Mayfield passing yards: 337 passing yards.
  8. Central Florida Texas UCLA Alabama Oklahoma Stanford Washington Arizona State Ohio State LSU *Tiebreaker: Alabama-Auburn total points - 37 points
  9. TCU Wisconsin Penn State Iowa State Oregon Stanford Texas Ok State Ole Miss Washington *Tiebreaker: TCU - TT total points: 69 points
  10. Washington Ohio State Iowa State Georgia Wisconsin West Virginia Utah Alabama Notre Dame OU *Tiebreaker: Texas total points vs Kansas - 38 points
  11. Penn State Auburn Missouri Baylor Iowa State Oklahoma State TCU Alabama Virginia Tech USC *Tiebreaker: LSU total points : 10 points.
  12. SMU Oklahoma State Texas Ohio State TCU Notre Dame South Florida Texas A&M OU Arizona State *Tiebreaker: Penn State - Ohio State total points - 57 total points.
  13. Memphis Oklahoma State Texas Tech Florida State Utah Oklahoma UCLA Penn State Notre Dame West Virginia *Tiebreaker: Baylor total points - 14 points.
  14. Ga Tech Washington State West Virginia Florida State Auburn OU Texas A&M Ohio State Arizona Stanford *Tiebreaker: OU-Texas combined points - 59 points.
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