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  1. And you did catch the fact that Idc right? okay!
  2. And yet he still left. There are coaches that been at the same school for their whole careers. Coach Holmes has been been at JT a little over ten years, and people weren’t to shocked when he said that he was thinking about leaving, heck someone want him he gone. So he was the first head coach that guyer had. I’m supposed to be in shock that he left a school that I could a flying pig about. No sorry I am not!
  3. Yup. I’m happy that you get kick out of it.
  4. I would like to say I’m shocked but I’m not. Coaches move around like water. It was going to happen one day.
  5. John Tyler is one of those schools that don’t. JT fans can’t over look the fact that JT is 60% to maybe 70% Latino now. You can’t tell me that there isn’t any tall Latino boys at JT to play basketball and football. When it comes to sports at JT a large of it is Segregated. The white kids played baseball and tennis and golf some of that is changing now. All of the Latinos played soccer and baseball, and all of the black kids at JT played football and basketball and ran track. If you did play football and you wasn’t black you were a kicker. This was how it was when I was at JT. I have said it before get some of the Latino kids that played football in middle school to continue to play in high school. Maybe then we will see more than 35 players on varsity.
  6. When I was there and after. J.T. was a playoff team going into the season every year.
  7. this has to be the worst BBall team that JT have had. that i can remember.
  8. he is one of those fans if JT goes back to what they were whoever that coach was when Wilson left, and JT couldn't find a win to save their life. He would be the first one to not show up for any game until they start winning again. JT could go 3-8 again and i bet you he wouldn't go to another game until they start winning again.
  9. both. one wants coach holmes gone and the other want the basketball coach gone. I do think that TISD needs to fire the BBall coach.
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