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  1. When I was there and after. J.T. was a playoff team going into the season every year.
  2. this has to be the worst BBall team that JT have had. that i can remember.
  3. he is one of those fans if JT goes back to what they were whoever that coach was when Wilson left, and JT couldn't find a win to save their life. He would be the first one to not show up for any game until they start winning again. JT could go 3-8 again and i bet you he wouldn't go to another game until they start winning again.
  4. both. one wants coach holmes gone and the other want the basketball coach gone. I do think that TISD needs to fire the BBall coach.
  5. Vidor runs the slot t and cc calallen. Kanadale
  6. If they do beat y’all you will never hear the end of it. Idc if they us just as long as I can rub your faces in it.
  7. You still have to be able to move the ball. To help out your defense talent or not.
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