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  1. I remember when JT’s fan base was so big that that we had to side on the visitors side because there wasn’t any seats on the home side.
  2. They are already in Tyler.
  3. Why would that not count just because I went to the school? If they change both names it fine by me.
  4. They have to let him go thought his growing pains. They didn’t let him do much last season, and now with Ford gone.
  5. No they don’t, but it’s a good measuring stick
  6. I want see this happen but i dont thing that it will. I hope that it does happen sometime soon.
  7. which i find as i bit of a shock. That they have JT that high in the district. but haivng that 53 players will help it will be a little better than it was last season. We will just have to wait and see.
  8. JT has to show that they can beat the teams in our district to get any real looks.
  9. So what is this one going to look like?
  10. Yup. You learn to drive through the city and stay off interstate during rush hour.
  11. But living up here that 15 mile drive takes you an hour or more to get there because of traffic. And don’t let there be a Accident. You’re going to be there longer.
  12. Chapel hill sure count. Their address is Tyler not chapel hill.
  13. I didn’t say that it isn’t like that. I said being big and tall doesn’t mean D1 either.
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