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  1. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/tyler-begins-district-season-against-mckinney-north/article_543512da-1401-11eb-adf3-c73e7274ab69.html
  2. What your are saying in that statement made you sound very racist.
  3. What time did he get? Two games of handling the ball of which is what they other QBs did last season.
  4. Yes we are. I looked at the game. Yes his passes was where they needed to be, but when you don’t play any of the game until the end of it and told to throw a pin point pass. If he got the same time of play as pinkard his passes would be better.
  5. If Tyler gets out of their own way. They could win this game.
  6. Sanchez is a much better passer that pinkard. The only difference is pinkard and run and Sanchez can’t. He showed that his can on the last play. And teams are looking for pinkard to run the ball and he gets stuffed every time.
  7. Just looking at how they play. Legacy is not going to win this game.
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