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  1. Ah yes, Pepe and his rope a dope style of debating. Call someone uneducated without providing any evidence to back anything up. Straight out of the liberal jerkoff handbook
  2. Did those loved ones wear mask? Were the vaccinated? We just lost an employee that was vaccinated and wore mask to covid so there is that
  3. You mean the people that had loved ones that died due to the vaccine are idiotic? How so? Cause their circumstance differed from yours? You are a pathetic piece of trash!
  4. So Bidenphile supporter, what are the statistics state by state? Especially the ones where you fellow chesters are in charge!
  5. Here is why you ####, if Democrats led Texas, you would be silent about the issue. You are as fake as Pelosi is sober!
  6. Wait, this is an American wide problem so why aren't your idiot liberals fixing the issues? Or is that also Austins fault? FFS you are so damn easy
  7. So the women have 6 weeks to decide if they want to keep the baby. What choice has been taken away from them? The choice to be responcible?
  8. Biden says "Challenge accepted"!!!!
  9. So is the word liberal and democrat but those are used everyday
  10. So you are okay with racism as long as its you retarded liberal friends that commit it? Never mind, no need to answer, we already know!
  11. Definitive information about ivermectin. It is NOT a proven treatment for Covid. A lot of information spells out that it shouldn't be used for that purpose. GET THE SHOT! Thats funny, neither is the vaccine that you keep pushing on us!
  12. In this case I feel the word football is code for gay sex!
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