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  1. Interesting to see what happens when Josh comes back as well. That is if he doesn't hurt his knee changing his shoes.
  2. Instead of insurance, they should have bought more ammo
  3. It's sad that he died but then again people die everyday. I like some of his songs but he had many stupid songs as well. Now he can rest wherever his soul went.
  4. It was only game one of a long 162 game season. If the Rangers can stay in first, or within 10 games by the All Star break I feel pretty confident they can make a good run if everyone comes back and stays healthy. Starting pitching is going to be rough though so hopefully the bullpen can bail us out a few games.
  5. You said "Sic 'em Boys!!!! Lmao! This is gonna get WILD shortly with all the RABID NAZI, I mean Tea Party Goons!" The out of the same idiot mouth you accuse someone of labeling? Haha...you cant make this #### up folks.
  6. We have to pay twice for that stupid toll road. Ridiculous and I avoid it at all cost
  7. You have a valid argument but you ruin it with the childish act of changing someones name trying to be cute when really its middle schoolish at best.
  8. First, the EH was a joke....get a funny bone Second...mad, of course but you should never charge the mound, period! If its intentional then the umps will take care of it. This is baseball, not hockey! Third, pitchers make millions of dollars, make them hit Fourth, its cool you have a difference of opinion. That is what makes this country great Fifth, have a good day sir!
  9. Roid stars are already in the HOF...we just don't know it yet!
  10. First off, the game needs to speed up. When you step into the batters box, you cannot leave it until you hit, walk, k or get hit by a pitch. When you step onto the mound, you cannot get off until you are finished with that batter. I would rather of them added an EH instead of a DH...like Cheapy said, it affects the strategy of the game. Also, if you charge the mound, you are banned for the rest of the season. If you don't want them pitching inside, play soccer instead!.
  11. Thanks Captain Obvious! Im not disagreeing with you but the owner of the Cowboys is.
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