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  1. Your slander of GW is ridiculous, the boys played a good game against a good team and got beat. They didn't "choke" anything. I know, I know I'm "in my feelers" because I dont agree with you but you are wrong -- this program and this team are not chokers. On the contrary, GW normally goes deeper in the playoffs than expected. You should apologize to the KIDS on GW for bashing them after getting their heart broken and losing in the first round. Losses happen, I'm hoping they grow up to be successful young men. Basically, I hope they don't grow up to be like you. I hope they have enough sen
  2. Mt. Vernon played a great game... They seemed to make every right play call.... We blitz a DB and they dump it over his head for 60 yards, it was that type of game... GW defense was nowhere near good enough (I was afraid of that). Our offense did enough to keep us in the game but the defense just couldnt stop MV, even in the quarters where they "only" scored once, they controlled the game with big plays and a consistent running game. At the end of the season only 1 team is going to end their season with a win, yes I hate it was a first round exit but thats the way it goes sometimes. I apprecia
  3. I was not impressed by Mineola. They have a good running game and the rest of the team is just meh... they looked slow to me. Their defense plays hard but Atl shot themselves in the foot time and time again. Congrats on the win Minny, good luck moving forward (I'm afraid you may need it).
  4. I went to GW school to buy tickets for my boss yesterday afternoon around 2:45 and had no issue getting any so they werent sold out as of then.... They are supposed to be on sale today 1-3 and tomorrow 1-3 as well. I doubt GW would send MV any of our tickets until we have had the chance to sell them... Now if there's say 400 tickets left as of end of day today yeah I could see GW making half of those available to MV but even that isnt likely... Besides, who cares? 99% of high school crowds dont effect the game this aint college where you have 80,000+ fans all screaming at the same time...
  5. As is stated above, I purchased tickets from Mineola but I've yet to see who is the "home team" for this game, is it Mineola or Atl?
  6. For those looking for tickets, I bought some this morning, Mineola ISD Facebook has a link for general public ticket sales, you do it all online.
  7. I'll say it, I dont think we win by 14...... MV offense scares me because they will make our defense tackle in space and that's hard to consistently do.... the GW defense has struggled at times this season tackling in space as it is, this fast break offense will the toughest test yet.... Luckily we have an explosive offense of our own but I dont see either team winning by more than one score... Likely a 49-42 type of game hopefully with GW on top.
  8. he said its possible he didnt say it was likely
  9. So anyways, about MV... they will be a TEST for our defense laterally... Thing I'm most concerned about is ability to tackle in space... MV loves to go fast and throw it to their WR at the LOS, DBs have to be ready to wrap up and rally to the ball.
  10. Feel free to leave the thread if it bores you so much...
  11. How did this turn into ANOTHER thread of Tatum and GW arguing...? We know Tatum didn't get to practice, we also know GW gave up yards to Tatum, we also know Tatum ONLY scored 21 points and GW scored 42 (which last I checked is how they determine who wins or loses) anyways on to things that matter (as in not week 5 of the regular season) --> The Gladewater defense has gotten better as the year has progressed. I would call it average and opportunistic... match a great offense with an average defense and you win most of your games... if the defense continues to be opportunistic (creating
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