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  1. P.G. Bring home the title , play y’alls game and stay focused. Good luck from a Buckeye
  2. Update : one released from hospital with bumps and bruises and one being admitted for observation. Thanks for the prayers
  3. 2 Gilmer students and players involved in a wreck this morning , no details on injuries . Please pray for these kids that God puts his hands on them . One of the players was a brother of one of the coaches.
  4. Proud of the East Texas boys that got drafted or signed as free agents , real proud of the Buckeye's who signed F A contract's .
  5. sorry my first post and maybe my last just to make it clear what i was saying gilmers jr class has only lost one time since 7th grade that was to kilgore when they were freshman . both tatum and gilmer are good teams this year and i wish them well, i hope both gilmer and tatum beat the u know what out of d-field tigers.
  6. Lets not forget that when this bunch of seniors were freshmen, the Tatum freshmen beat the Gilmer freshmen 43 - 12. Just thought I would bring that up. Lets not forget that this bunch of jrs has only lost one game since the 7th grade , that was to kilgore when they were freshman. just thought i would bring that up.
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