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  1. Well it is tough to keep all your righties straight. My apologies. I believe only chance republicans have is Paul vs Clinton. but we all know that with in fighting etc that wont happen. Republicans have become Dems of 80s and 90s.
  2. So your saying Obama was ok to run, got it end of that subject. Wonder why the right spent so much time pushing it when they could have just read your post and been done with it?
  3. So either they are all eligible or none. Which one do you want? Cant have a rule for ones you dont like and ones you do, or isnt that the way the republican party has become.
  4. Not my best sentence. I find it funny so many people had such a huge issue with Obama but yet now the others are ok...........
  5. And yet I would have no issue with that except the fact that republicans love the hypocrisy. It is yet another reason I left the party. It is different when talking about THEIR candidate.
  6. MMMMM There is no proof on Obama, nothing solid. Cruz had Canadian citizenship, proved and he had to renounce it................ Perhaps we should talk about his father like we did Obama's???????? You want to go there. LOLOLOL Got to love how when it comes back on people they change the rules.
  7. So with the vast amount of military arms we have sent to the area wouldn't it also be reasonable that they would have these also?
  8. Well we supplied Iraq, and many of the countries in the Middle East is that not also true?
  9. He is closest to my beliefs. I don't agree with all he says but way more than others, and a ton more than the Canadaian.
  10. And yourrrrrrrrr wrong again. I didn't vote for Obama, nor do I support Obama care. See you misunderstand respect for the office for agreeing, but that would require deep thought. And I did, which is why it is so great with this topic and what your saying. Actually kind of funny.
  11. +1/2 I am sure you don't because it would cause you to take a serious look at what you support.
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