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  1. The first $80 to remind you will not hurt as bad as the next 23 @ $15 .
  2. It will take Don Henley's pockets to get that done.
  3. AB did not lie to anyone. Served two years of football and that is all anyone including Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano, and Stevie Wonder could see coming. Now lets talk about what MV got. They got more exposure than any program of that size could dream of, established the premise that if you can coach these kids they will play their *** off for you, exposed what a good place to live it truly is, and so much more. Looks likes both sides won and I bet they get a good hire from all AB brought to them.
  4. If you sign up for 7 days free and cancel you will have to subscribe to see the 5A/6A games in Jan.
  5. Canadian reminded me of the two great Vernon teams DF played in 84/85. Big but athletic. No big slow overweight kids occupying space. Up until the 4th quarter I picked them in the final . Franklins last drive put me to not wanting to bet my own money either way. Should be a good one. A deep failed scoring drive may decide it.
  6. Bottom Line.....................PP could not convert 1 yard to end game ,could not hold a 2/3 score lead and could not cover # 5 & 3. Going forward DF and PP are going to have to develop a new style of play to compete with EF and Waskom the next few years . One is going to need better coaching.
  7. My question is.........Is 1400 for Waskom and 1100 for EF the max number to be sold or just the number at each school.
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