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  1. As long as the offense gets approval from some vocal citizens that were not satisfied with an undefeated group of 8th graders who are about to be 10th grader's that BETTER win state in every UIL sponsored activity and all get D1 scholarships, he'll be fine. Oh and the second longest playoff streak in East Texas behind Newton, which Corrigan should apparently beat every year..... Winning, responsibility, character building, sportsmanship, team play, and role model coaches are undesirable qualities that mean nothing in the eyes of some community members.
  2. They are hiring from within the community.. lots of brilliant football minds that know what's best for the program.. They promise..
  3. That's right Williams was from Sweeney But Teagle based on his NBA stats should validate his position as the Best IMO.
  4. It's was interesting for a while. Had a couple of plays in the first half that really made it hard to come back from.
  5. Good game San Augustine. It's going to take a very, very good defense to slow SA as I said before. Barnes and company are a handful to contain and fun to watch. They made the big plays when it counted the most. Best of luck moving forward. Keep representing East Texas. Congratulations Groveton on a Great season.
  6. Groveton has a few things go there way, Joaquin didn't. It was pretty obvious to me that the coaches were trying to piece a game plan together on the fly during the game. You can't ever tell how a player or team is going to perform after an injuries, especially in small school ball. Not only were y'all missing a key player but playing with several who were not at 100%. JMO.. I was very impressed with what I saw from Joaquin none the less.
  7. SA offense is pretty legit. So is Groveton's. No predictions, I hope for a close game without injuries. It would benefit both teams to have a close game. SA hasn't really been slowed and I'm curious how they will respond if Groveton keeps it close or pulls ahead. Good luck to both. I'm looking for to what I hope is a good game tomorrow night.
  8. Joaquin wasn't the only one who had a very good player out. Groveton has been playing without one of their best on both sides of the ball for the last two games.
  9. I be... I know y'all have some athletes.. how do you think y'all will be in track this year? Shouldn't y'all have enough speed for some solid relay teams? Just curious based on what I saw the other night.
  10. Ok.. No doubt y'all have a potent offense. How was it, out of curiosity that Harlton held y'all to 7 in the 1st quarter and only 21 at the half ?
  11. Well Wolfman, either way who had SA and Groveton in the regional finals in their bracket when the playoffs started? Not many I know had Groveton picked. Neither Team has really had a close game throughout the playoffs. Rematch games, especially this late in the year are hard to gauge. I think if Groveton can maintain the pressure on SA and not spot a few pick 6s it could be interesting. I do look for it to be a fairly high scoring game.
  12. Y'all have a disciplined, well coached, team oriented, driven group, who likes nothing better than keeping the score keeper busy and does a good job at doing so. It will take some turnovers from SA, none by Groveton and a great game plan on both sides of the ball and an outbreak of turf toe in San Augustine and maybe Groveton can win... But again Groveton can win.. Congratulations on the district that was overlooked to being the only ones in the state playing for a regional Championship.
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