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  1. Outside of maybe a 1 or 2, I think the Texas commits are pretty much ranked where they should be, but this one seems off to me. Verified numbers that are elite with the production on the field to go with it. Not sure what's missing?
  2. Myron Warren in the portal after 1st day of practice. Must not have liked where he was on the depth chart. To bad I think he could have been a good piece on the DL in another year or 2.
  3. Seems like he's on the fast track of the always being injured type player.
  4. This team stinks. Anybody else tossed in the towel yet?
  5. Should we start a thread for players opting out the upcoming season? Already some big names.
  6. His hudl looks just as good as James Brockermeyer IMO so I don't think Texas dropped off when factoring those two. The problem is Texas isn't going to get anybody on Tommy's level. Hoping Cosmi getting drafted high + Kerstetter at a decent spot will change minds on the 22' OL group because it's another very good deep class.
  7. Big 12 announced conference +1. The +1 for Texas is expected to be UTEP.
  8. Texas got its first commit for the 22' class in WR Phaizon Wilson. He's on the far right with some of the 21' commits.
  9. Saw where PAC 12 is now going to start last week of September like the SEC. Wondering if this now going to be Opening Weekend. ACC said Sept. 7th
  10. I think you'll see Big 12 do conference only +1. Who that'll be I don't know, maybe BYU/Independent? Local school like Texas State? I hope they'll start normal week because more than likely you're going to need a week off/makeup week(s) at some point with corona.
  11. 6 runs in 4 games. Absolutely pathetic. Shockingly, Texas is #2 in team ERA in the American League.
  12. The situation in MLB involving the Marlins doesn't give me much hope for college football. It may end up being a mess if they try to play. Hope that's not the case.
  13. I think TCU replaced Cal with UNLV opening week.
  14. Looks like he's a 4* on Rivals and a mid 3* on 247. Couldn't find him on ESPN. Looks like the kind of kid that goes to Iowa or Wisconsin and ends up being a stud.
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