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  1. Them 2 guys from Dickinson were never coming to Texas regardless.
  2. Seeing a little chatter this guy may be the last coach added. https://247sports.com/Coach/Johnny-Nansen-735/AllTimeRecruits/
  3. Looks like the new DC is Pete Kwiatkowski, long time University of Washington DC.
  4. Getting Banks is huge. He's the main guy that recruits Texas for Alabama. Banks, Flood, and Davis are all elite coach/recruiters. I'm not very familiar with Terry Joseph. This staff so far is night and day difference from Herman bringing along his G5 buddies. Speaking of, have you guys ever heard the supposed rumor on the old shaggy of Derek Warehime doing an in-home visit with Walker Little?
  5. IT said Evan Stewart and Brennan Thompson are Sark's primary targets at WR with Winfield. Wants speed, speed, speed. I also don't think it's out of the question that Ewers flips back. Winfield would have never committed if Herman stayed on board.
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