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  1. #1 Kentucky just lost at home to some school named Evansville.
  2. It wouldn't be a surprise at all to see the Cowboys win the east, win the Wild Card game as the #4 seed, start to get fans hopes up, then go to San Fran. and get absolutely embarrassed.
  3. How do you guys think the class finishes out? Collins and Dixon? Would Texas take Founjou (sp)? An Ole Miss LB commit took an OV this past weekend. Hopefully no more decommits.
  4. Crazy stat. Matt Campbell is 0-3 against Texas, scoring 6, 7, and 10 points in the 3 games.
  5. With the way this Texas team has looked they could go 3-0 the rest of the way or 0-3. One thing that does seem likely to happen is all 3 games be a 3-10 point victory whoever that be.
  6. Will Muschamp will probably be available if the DC spot comes open.
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