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  1. Meyer would have Texas at least a 10 win team and playing in the Big 12 CG next year IMO. You have to make this move quick. Can't wait until December. Make Ash or Yurcich interim HC and Meyer can oversee things and decide who he wants to retain and such and try to salvage recruiting for 21'. Keeping Herman kills the 21' class and he'd be a dead man walking for 22' and would set the program back big time. Jimbo had the #4 class his first full class and Meyer would at least get that IMO. Look at Meyer the 1st year everywhere he went compared to the previous: Bowling Green: 2-9 ye
  2. Ole Miss is doing whatever they want offensively to Alabama. Nearly 500 yards offense and just halfway into 3rd qtr. Tied 35.
  3. Arkansas is so much better already than any point in the Morris era and late Bielama. Pittman made real good hires with Odom as DC and little Briles as OC.
  4. Lot of good offensive minds leading teams now. No longer run, run, pass, punt and play D'. Kiffin is going up and down the field on Alabama. Both teams headed to 40+.
  5. Stoney, heard on sports talk radio this morning, they said Alabama averaged 16+ yards per pass attempt. Not completions, per attempt. That's just an insane stat.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't think Herman, or really any coach for that matter, will get replaced after this season. Everyone is going to suffer a loss money wise in schools/athletic departments. I'm for Urban, but unfortunately I'm not sure if that would happen. I think Gus Malzhan would kill it at Texas.
  7. Surprisingly Herman is 3-0 against K-State. Maybe that K-State voodoo has now been put on OU. Snyder to Texas is now Klieman to OU.
  8. Results like today is why all these Texas stud recruits will keep going to Alabama, Ohio State, ect.
  9. I can't believe Bijan got up from this and walked off and supposedly actually went through practice/walk-through/ect the next day.
  10. I get it, but if we're being honest, who exactly has looked good so far? Nobody in the Big 12 stands out yet. I guess Bama' in the SEC? Florida scored 51, but still gave up 35 points and 600+ yards to Ole Miss. LSU gave up 600+ passing. Georgia is still so-so at best on offense. Way things have gone so far I think you'll take a win no matter how it gets done. LSU and OU fans would have taken a god awful win yesterday over what happened to them.
  11. Early, but Klieman may be to OU what Snyder was to Texas all them years.
  12. If you guys want a gut wrenching stat, Texas will be trying to go start 3-0 this week for the 1st time since 2012
  13. Heard the announcers say during the game that K-State was missing 5 DB's from the two deep and a starting DT.
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