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  1. Crazy thing is they'll make a NY6 Bowl because outside of Georgia, everyone else may be worse than them in the East.
  2. Yeah my bad I think they were talking about the Florida QB at the same time.
  3. TV said Shack dislocated his ankle. That could be season ending. Only positive is he still has a red shirt available.
  4. Take out Clemson and the ACC might as well be the Sun Belt or Conf. USA.
  5. From top to bottom the ACC may be the weakest P5 conference.
  6. Kansas State @ Mississippi State is intriguing to me. Definately will watch it.
  7. I see yall are @ Army next year. Don't tell @AKA
  8. JQJ is the next QB imo. He's got that "dawg" mentality like Sam, is big/fast/powerful to run the QB power Herman likes. Give him a year to learn the system and coached by Beck to shore up his passing and he'll be a stud.
  9. I'll also add to this that Texad has the best OL its had in a long time and healthy talented room to boot. In 2 years a joke of a unit has become stout/team strength and was at times owning LSU the other night. Hand was a great hire and he's killing it in recruiting as well.
  10. Surprised this isn't getting more attention. He has 5* #1 athlete in the country type film. Elite pass rushing and a stud at WR as well.
  11. Oklahoma State game worries me the most. Anything can happen against OU. I don't think the rest of the offenses are that scary. Baylor could be sneaky.
  12. Red and crew roll to another big win. Kirtfalcon told me so.
  13. It's nice to finally be in a position to red shirt all incoming OL. Angilau is following Cosmi as cracking the starting lineup as a red shirt freshman.
  14. Do you guys think Cosmi will leave after this year?
  15. They do have a top defense. Texas offense is pretty dang good. Reality is Ehlinger and Tua are the only QB's that will really give that defense a tough time. Arky, Ole Miss, Miss. State, Vandy, Florida + 2 remaining cupcakes = no way. Auburn QB maybe, still a true freshman. Mond? Who knows. He could get hot or he could look downright awful.
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