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  1. I'd like to see Andrej Karic at Left Tackle. He's nasty, mean, and has good feet in pass pro. Move Jones or give some else a chance at LG. Right side of the line is fine.
  2. SEC West will be fun to follow. Bama' is Bama', Arkansas is much improved, A&M has the best defense, but the offense is going to struggle. Auburn looks like they are going to be a tough out. LSU still has talent and any game in Tiger Stadium will be tough. Ole Miss is scary. Miss State? Who knows, seems like the Pirate is always good for an upset.
  3. Ohio State's defense is not very good either. Kerry Coombs is a terrible DC. Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Michigan schools could all beat them this year IMO. They all won't, but I think they'll drop some games to a few of those teams.
  4. Didn't like that 4th and goal call from Auburn.
  5. A&M will come back and win, but long term they may be in a bit of trouble. It's not just losing King, they are getting whipped up front on both sides for the most part. Lost in last week's game was Kent State running for 220 yards and Colorado has continued that with 140 rushing in the first half. Kudos on stopping the 4th down sneak inside the 5, but Colorado should have changed the play with a&m all over the Center. A toss or play action roll out is probably a walk in TD I see a 17-10 a&m win.
  6. Kerry Coombs, while a great DB Coach, is not a very good DC.
  7. Saw Ozzy live at an Ozzfest back in the day. Sounded normal whenever he talked on the stage.
  8. Eh, I think this game is going to be close/dangerous. We see it all the time in college football where teams play above what they are when at home against a favorite. I can definately see Texas having to overcome an early deficit/turnover/ect. with a raucous crowd going insane. I definately think Texas needs to make Jefferson beat them passing as he is not that good. But I also saw a poor passing Taylor Cornelius look like a Heisman finalist against Texas at home as well a few years back.
  9. Coach O wasn't about to take poop from them UCLA fans lol.
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