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  1. "IF" OU was to drop a random game I'd think @ Iowa State would be the pick. Plus it's the week after the RRS. Kansas State has to replace a ton that graduated. Will probably be better 2nd half of the season. Glad Texas gets them early.
  2. Spencer Sanders will be a turnover machine in a road game @ Norman but look like a Heisman finalist @ home against Texas to close out the year. Or at least that's usually how these things go.
  3. Cain seems kinda' meh'. Its been known a while Brooks was #2 in a 2 RB class.
  4. Clayton Smith is another I was hoping to land, but he's going to commit to OU tomorrow. Still think he'll visit once everything's lifted and is flippable, unless Herman lays an egg. Shemar Turner is another I hope Texas gets. I have no idea about WR, seems to be lacking right now. Coleman may be the best coach of the bunch, but I wish Herman would have went all out for Emmitt Jones or brought Samples back for recruiting purposes.
  5. Seems like Wheaton may be more likely at this point than LJ. Don't think the Aggie mom is going to let it happen with Foster. To bad, the T&F program at Texas is the best of the 3 local schools.
  6. Who's on you guys want list this class? Obviously the Brockermeyer's, but even that may not be a sure thing. Missing on Clayton Smith tomorrow is going to sting.
  7. I named 1 that's a 5* DE. Another, the kid from PA Memorial, that a&m wanted. And I don't care what Harris is listed as, go watch his film, he plays exclusively on the line as a stand up edge defender. That kid isn't going to play off the ball. Except maybe in a Todd Orlando defense. I never said neither team wasn't struggling. You said Texas only had 1 guy when it's in fact 3, but yes, I'm the one that's wrong.
  8. I mean, Texas has a 5* DE and a SDE/DT guy that a&m wanted. I also think Derrick Harris is going to be stand up edge rusher. I never thought Texas was getting the Pleasant Grove kids and have said so on here. Missing on Clayton Smith this Friday will be a swift kick to the nuts. It is getting frustrating to see all these guys leave the state. Still think all these guys are going to take visits when things open up and we will see a record for decommits in a cycle.
  9. Terry Price to busy cooking to recruit Seriously though, state is loaded with DL this year and a&m may not sign a single one.
  10. That would cancel A&M/Colorado, Oregon/Ohio State, and Texas Tech/Arizona as well.
  11. He probably walks in and starts. They lost Darius Anderson and that other guy Olinulua (sp?).
  12. @Stoney I'm seeing some Zach Evans to TCU smoke?? I figured this one had a few more twists and turns to it.
  13. That 5* LB that they just got apparently has some red flags. None of big Florida schools would take him and the rumor on SEC rant is he was kicked out of school, hence the transfer of schools.
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