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  1. GoesBothWays

    Mt. Pleasant @ Liberty-Eylau

    Leopards and Tigers...oh my! Like me when I wear my leopard print, I do believe that the leopards will come out on top in this one. The tigers don't have enough weapons to take this game. Be Sweet! :wub:
  2. GoesBothWays

    Rivercrest v.s. Maud

    I watched a few comments about that scrimmage, and have done a little "personal" research. It's easy to "spank" someone in a scrimmage when the other team is trying to get as many looks as possible from their kids. With Maud not having very many kids out (not even a JV), their 1's were probably playing against P-Land's 3's at times. This, to me, does not show anything, and of course, will result in the 1's doing better than the 3's (and probably 2's from P-land's JV). Nice try, but leave the spanking to the professionals. Rivercrest will win....BIG! Be Sweet!...still missing my flowers!
  3. GoesBothWays

    Bands to be left at home for away games

    You know it!!!! I really LOVE a party. Bright lights, glitz, glam, appletini's, and jello shots! Woo-Hoo! Be Sweet!
  4. GoesBothWays

    Bands to be left at home for away games

    I used to have hair like those of which you speak, but cut it for a much more trendy look in this decade. I do tend to wear my eye make-up a little heavy at times, but that's only when I go out with the guys. Have a great season, Frank! Be Sweet!
  5. GoesBothWays

    Well it's officially football season

    Awww...can't we all just get along? Here is this guy saying have a great season and you have to go and ruin it by ruffling feathers (not that feathers are a bad thing, I have some). Let the points be scored where they may and let the team with the most points at the end of the game win. That's pretty simple, if you ask me. Let the scoreboard do the talking (along with some good natured, agree-to-disagree banter). Love to all! Be Sweet!.......Where is my flower icon??? :angry:
  6. GoesBothWays

    Mildred at Teague

    Was? You mean "IS". You are right, behind his stature and manliness (which I really admire) for the game of football, he has wooed the patrons of Teague into a pipe dream. I'm glad they have stepped up facilities, but was it in response to coercion? He has had very good success and I wish him the best, but it just seems weird to leave so abruptly.
  7. GoesBothWays

    Mount Vernon @ Emory Rains

    Thanks! Been traveling again. Love being back in East Texas for football season!
  8. GoesBothWays

    Mount Vernon @ Emory Rains

    I think Rains will come out with the victory here. Too much going on the backfield for MV to contain.....plus, I like the name "Rains". It's so soothing. Be Sweet! :flowers:
  9. GoesBothWays

    [email protected] Mt pleasant.

    This is a no brainer, my fellow smoakhousians. Henderson will lay the pipe in this one and win BIG!!! Be Sweet! :flowers:
  10. GoesBothWays

    2010 Smoakhouse end of the year awards

    Stepped out long ago, wild man... Be Sweet! :flowers:
  11. GoesBothWays

    Worst Team Names

    What is a Reddie? Throughout the years, the teams of Henderson State University have been known as “Reddies.” Several stories persist as to how the name originated, but no doubt it came from the color of the jerseys worn by the first football team. Early editions of student publications refer to the players as “Red Jackets” and at other times as “Red Men.” The initial edition of the Oracle, October 6, 1908, contains a story that Nellie Hartsfield had the honor of naming the football team the “Red Jackets” and received an annual pass to the games. By 1908, however, the newspaper writers were referring to them simply as “Reds.” A plausible explanation for the evolution to “Reddies” is that it fitted into pep songs and yells better than the shorter and more blunt “Reds.” In later years, well-meaning sports writers have called the teams “Redskins,” “Indians,” and “Big Red,” but the name “Reddies,” apparently originating from the red of the red and gray school colors, has stuck and the teams therefore remain without the traditional mascot. The name Reddies is for not only athletes, but for the entire student body. No other color could better portray the honor, courage, and loyalty that represent Henderson State University. Hendersonians proudly wear the Red and are fittingly known as Reddies. Be Sweet!! :flowers:
  12. GoesBothWays

    Worst Team Names

    Really....give me a link to the site that says that....because the actual UNIVERSITY athletic website begs to differ.... HENDERSON STATE UNIVERSITY QUICK FACTS Men's Teams Nickname: Reddies Women's Teams Nickname: Lady Reddies Sorry to bust your bubble with this one....BUT, if you can show me the proof that states otherwise, I will accept. You might be thinking of Texas Tech....the RED RAIDERS....hmm... Be Sweet! :flowers:
  13. GoesBothWays

    Who you watching tonight?

    Not gonna happen...Carthage will roll along. hide and watch. Be Sweet! :flowers:
  14. GoesBothWays

    2010 Smoakhouse end of the year awards

    Thank you....spread the wealth, big fella. I so enjoy your thoughts and commentary, franky-baby. You are the cats meow, err...should I say the tiger's meow...err..purr...dang...what do tigers do??? Be Sweet! :flowers:
  15. GoesBothWays

    West Rusk (10-0) vs Rogers (10-1)

    Got to go with my raiders in this one....too much for Rogers to handle. Pigskin....how about tofu? I'm not a meat-eater. Be Sweet! :flowers: