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  1. Contact Coach Hudgeons 903-278-1175
  2. In a season that saw more than a little turmoil the Cardinals win the district. My hat is off to the kids and the coaching staff for a job well done.
  3. Maud.....as many as they want to score to zero
  4. I'm hearing Maud is still pretty banged up after the Bowie game. Possibly both starting backs sidelined this week. Several other players nursing injuries.
  5. What's up in Hooks? Seems to be a lot of turnover there. More than just softball coaches.
  6. I'm not a real SECSECSEC type of guy but my curiosity was aroused with all the talk about how top heavy the SEC is. What does that mean? You Big XII guys promote how even your conference is from top to bottom. I decided to look at conference championships since 1996 (year of Big XII's creation): Since 1996, 7 different schools have won the Big 12 (Texas 3, Nebraska 2, A&M 1, OU 8, Colorado 1, K State 2, and OSU 1) 6 different schools have won the SEC (Florida 4, Tenn 2, Bama 3, LSU 4, Georgia 2, and Auburn 2). Of the Big XII's 7 champions only 4 (Texas, OU, K State, OK
  7. This was nothing but Miles trying to turn a less than stellar performance by his team against a bad team into some epic victory. It was all posturing to the voters so that his Tiggers would not drop in the polls. A very good performance by the mad-hatter.
  8. Arkansas would NEVER hire an insulting jerk like Patterson,......wait a minute......
  9. Let's be logical: Question: Is aTm doing better in the SEC than they did in the Big XII? Yes! Right now they would be in 6th place in the SEC. In 2011 they finished in 7th place in the Big XII 1. Georgia 7-1 2. Florida 7-1 3. Alabama 6-1 4. South Carolina 6-2 5. LSU 4-2 (Only Ole Miss and Arkansas left. They will be 6-2 and have beat aTm 6. Texas A&M 5-2 In their first year in the SEC they will beat ONE team with a winning conference record: Alabama(6-1) The other SEC wins are Arkansas (2-4), Ole Miss (2-4), Auburn (0-7), Miss State (3-3). Last year in the Big XII
  10. Did aTm never have a good season in the Big XII where they finished 1st or 2nd in their division? If they did then let's compare that year and this year. Even though they are still THIRD PLACE in the west SEC.
  11. So your telling me that aTm is having all this success in the SEC with players recruited for the Big XII and now they are going to scrap that recruiting and go after SEC type players. They, with Big XII type players, beat the best team in the SEC, who has SEC type players. Scrap what's working for ya, NOW THAT is true Aggie logic!
  12. I have to give the James Bowie Pirates football team a big congratulations for making the playoffs for the 7th straight year. This group of guys have had to weather 5 torn ACL's, 2 torn labrums, and a season ending back injury, all to starters. They are THE example of "Next Man Up". Great job Pirates, now go shock everyone and beat Valley View.
  13. HG should role in this game. Bowie and Boles run similar offenses but Boles is more of an outside attack and I don't think they have the speed necessary to get outside on HG. Even though I believe the Warriors went into last week's game kind of flat and uninspired, I do think it exposed a weakness in their team. The Pirates ran right at the HG defense in a very physical style and Honey Grove really couldn't stop it. Only when the Pirates got down by 9 points and had to start throwing late did the Warrior's speed come into play on defense. As far as I know this was the first team they playe
  14. The only way you get an all SEC NC game is if Notre Dame loses. You know an undefeated Irish team is in. I think Bama takes it by three TD's. LSU is a shadow of the team they had last season and Bama is even better. Don't believe for a minute that Bama players haven't heard all the "they haven't played anybody" talk. They will be seeking validation.
  15. WATCH IT!! That's the class act of class A your talking about.
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