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  1. Unless you're planning to attend a game in person (a dicey proposition under limited COVID seating, especially for the really good games), the good thing is that UIL opening up live streaming this year gives you a virtual cornucopia of possibilities from the comfort of home. I'll probably switch between Argyle-Melissa and PG-Carthage, but if those become unwatchable, there will be endless options available. TexasFootball prints a weekly guide of video streams.
  2. The state of Texas now maintains a Public Schools COVID-19 dashboard. Schools are required to report their cases on a weekly basis and the data is supposed to be updated each Wednesday. https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/schools/texas-education-agency/ Yesterday, I was able to download a district-by-district data file. This morning the link was taken down. There may be a legitimate explanation, but I'm curious to know why.
  3. Woke up this AM to the notice that Paris has cancelled their next two games, not only this week vs. Melissa but next week vs. Anna as well. I'll leave the political insights to others and turn my viewing attention, instead, to Stars-Lightning Game 4 tonight. Trust the bubble.
  4. You can find the Melissa audio and video streams at the Melissa ISD website or go straight to their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLO92Hc225rOOtpmr6H6-g Paris is only live video streaming home games, but their radio broadcast will be on KBUS-FM and easttexasradio.com.
  5. I think Stepp nailed it when he wrote that Paris' best chance is to keep the score below 30. He favors Melissa by 8. I've been impressed by the Cats' undersized defense, but Melissa's combination of speed and size could make for a long night unless Paris can get some turnovers. The O-line showed some improvement last week, but mainly the Cats had too much speed for the Heritage defense. I don't think that will be the case this week vs. Melissa. Two weeks ago, Paris was facing a gauntlet of PG-Heritage-Melissa in consecutive games. I thought if they could steal a win in that tough st
  6. Cumby at Chisum has been cancelled for Friday. Chisum looking for a replacement opponent.
  7. Paris switched from the spread to the wing-t in mid-season two years ago. It was a brilliant move that fit their personnel at the time. While I'm not privy to any inside info, I would not be surprised to see a mid-stream switch back this season. Hohenberger is a potential difference maker. As for this week, I just hope the defense can continue to show improvement and not wear down against a relentless PG attack.
  8. North Lamar vs. Community this week and NL vs. Anna next week have been cancelled.
  9. We've still got 48 hours to go. No guarantee that we'll make it to Week 3.
  10. Paris News just reported that Detroit at Cooper is cancelled
  11. That's the best the Paris D has looked since early 2019. They really impressed me not cratering against Celina's huge O-line. The tackling was outstanding. Of course, Celina helped with the turnovers and penalties. The Celina defense stuffed the box and didn't allow many breakouts for the Paris skill players. Hohenberger can make plays, but the Paris offense has got to find ways to give him time. I know 10-7 slugfests aren't everyone's cup of tea, and, yes, the game was early-season sloppy, but I kinda like the throwback to the old days.
  12. Metro Christian is pass-oriented and was able to out-gain the Cats last week. They only scored twice but had a couple of red-zone meltdowns that allowed Paris to pull away. The Cats will always have some dangerous skill players, and Hohenberger is a solid 2-way threat who looks like a legit all-district QB candidate. Cats don't have the size they've had the past few years, and will be challenged to win the line of scrimmage against most top teams. They developed some poor tackling habits last season that really put the brakes on a promising start for 2019. That trend carried over into Fri
  13. Paris Wildcats vs. Tulsa Metro Christian live video stream tonight at https://www.fbcparis.com/
  14. I have no ideal what their pay structures will be; however, the AD was also serving as HS assistant principal so I wouldn't be surprised if AD would just be one of his admin duties. Schools are facing a tenuous financial future from the fallout of COVID-19 and loss of oil/gas revenues. This seems like a prudent move for the times ahead.
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