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  1. I’d have to say the OP is the best lber in the state. Even his moniker gives him away.
  2. No sir, just very aware of the ND fan base. They’re a lot better coaches at the corner store In Diana than the administration has ever hired as a HC.
  3. Very unusual for a ND fan to question the HC Clearly a tongue-in-cheek comment. Good Luck Coach Harrell with your assistants in the stands for the rest of your tenure. I’m pretty sure you have a young squad and will improve weekly. Best of luck coaches and the Eagles!!!
  4. Where did you get your Dr. of Medicine degree Raiderfan? Kilgore JC?
  5. Big 10 cancelled today. Unfortunately it will be a domino effect down to HS football.
  6. Just about every district in Texas.
  7. I didn’t read it. Our AD told us. Granted I’m in DFW and not East Texas but our AD said what I stated in my post. I’m not 100% sure if it came from the UIL, district or county but it holds true for us in Burleson ISD.
  8. And what some people don’t realize, both teams, coaches, administrators, bands, cheerleaders, and referees will be counted. Then 50% of what’s left.
  9. Very touching story. Thanks for allowing me to read the memories of you and your dad.
  10. Haha. Yep, it’s gonna disappear the day after the election. It’ll be gone and no worries for anyone. Talk about naive. I’m not going to argue with anyone over my families worries. I can just respectfully have a differing opinion. Have a good day.
  11. To each his own opinion. My wife had knee surgery and developed a blood clot in her lung and is currently on blood thinners. She nor I want her to gamble daily with her life being on a school campus. I don’t want the country locked down but I think the brain should be used to control the spread. You can’t even get kids to wear ID’s, good luck keeping masks on during class time.
  12. This is most everyone’s opinion. But what they forget is that teachers aren’t children and they are affected by this virus. As are administrators, as are custodians and think about the poor school nurse who has no help and the amount of sick children that will be sent to her. The overreaction is the ones who are saying send the kids back to school. MLB couldn’t handle it, it took 4 days before a team was shut down. So just think about the adults going back to school not just the children. Then open a whole new can of worms, teacher gets Covid, where in the hell are you going to find substitute
  13. That makes sense, I forgot the difference in starting dates with smaller schools.
  14. Why did Marshall drop Carthage besides the obvious? I think your week 3 is North McKinney because they dropped Burleson Centennial to say they were playing Marshall.
  15. I never said Trump said it was a hoax. But he’s treating it as such by his actions is what I’m saying. Even though recently he’s been seen wearing a mask. All he has to say is wear a mask and all the little soldiers will fall in line, again IMO.
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