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  1. Terrible news to hear. Even though it’s not important at this time how old was the kid? Recent graduate or an older guy?
  2. IMO yes, some love the venue most don’t. I just thought the configuration was terrible. I hope everyone enjoys the game though. Arlington ISD uses the stadium for home games.
  3. FYI, terrible venue for a football game. Visitor side has decent field vision, home side is terrible as you’re 50 yards from the sideline. They didn’t configure it to well to suit a football game IMO.
  4. Randy, where did Kerry Lane coach before PT. If my memory serves me right he’s from Union Grove.
  5. Thanks for answering my tie question, PT and the history of their past records.
  6. I can’t even remember seeing a 0 in the loss column for Pine Tree this late in the year. Good to see that for them. And how did they get a tie?
  7. When they beat you it’s not a great test for you. You were a great test for Leesville.
  8. Inadvertent whistle is the same everywhere in the USA. I’m not sure what the rest of the Louisiana rules you’re referring to in your posts.
  9. Those are your words not mine but well said. Most of all your post I concur.
  10. You must be a baseball guy if you don’t think that’s a problem. No need to explain because IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW. I don’t know any schools where the baseball coach is the AD and doesn’t coach football and said program is good in football. Look at all the successful football programs, the AD is the HFC coach. Chrisman had em playing pretty good football and guess why he’s not there?
  11. I would say the problem is the baseball Coach is the AD. That causes a lot of problems.
  12. Eagles are struggling, that happens with little schools especially Diana has a run of athletes every now and then. Hopefully they stick with Clark and hopefully he sticks with them.
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