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  1. Not to hijack this post but I was looking at the Boys basketball records and standings in this district. If you turn the standings upside down you’ll have the 4 best football teams. I don’t know if I worded that correctly but the best b-ball teams had the worst football teams. Minus Longview, they’re the outlier. Then the best football teams had the worst basketball team. I just thought that was strange. You can move along now.
  2. Wow, surprising. Like I said I thought he did a great job at Mansfield but I’m not going to question you because I don’t follow or keep up with Midway. Sorry to hear that for Midway because I know recently y’all have been a dominate program. Best of luck next year.
  3. Seriously hasn’t Whitehouse been down the last decade? Maybe longer?
  4. Jerry Bomar’s returning??
  5. Is it him or y’all out of kids? I know nothing about Midway I just know coaching against Hulme when he was in Mansfield they were always the most physical team we played. And he won quite a few games at Mansfield. But I’ll say it again, I have no clue what he has at Midway and have really never kept up with them. It would really surprise me if he’s forgotten how to coach. JMO.
  6. I coached against Coach Hulme for several years in the metroplex and he’s a top notch ball coach, a very good ball coach and a class act. I’d be careful wanting to get rid of him, several districts would take him.
  7. What has me laughing out loud is using the words Country Club people in the same sentence as Shelby county. That has to be the biggest oxymoron ever used in this forum!!
  8. Way beyond what one may consider a s show or cluster f. This place has gone to s, quickly.
  9. Rhoades if they will name his son HC in waiting is what I hear and I also have heard he’s already accepted the job. They’re just going through the process to make it look “good”.
  10. Great story by Stepp, they were talking about it on The Ticket today. Phil Young the HC at Arlington Heights is a good coach and a great man as you can see by this story. Kudos to all involved from AH to Southwest Baptist but much credit to the kid. Going to the NFL after this would be a great ending to some people. But if the kid gets a degree to me it would be the greatest ending to the story.
  11. I have 2 things to say even though I have no dog in the hunt. With that being said, I’ve coached over 30 years, know a lot of coaches and if Jeff Hulme applied the process should be over and hire him yesterday. Helluva ball coach. His offense that he ran in Mansfield would have AAA DC’s heads spinning with all the formations and movements. Mic drop. #2, supes use committees most all the time because they have no balls. If a coach is hired and unsuccessful who does the community and supe blame it on? Same as your last hire, THE COMMITTEE GOT IT WRONG. A good supe hires on his own.
  12. Naw, I don’t think I’ve ever used any KalDab sources.
  13. I think my source on this job was drunk or high. He was way off. Good luck to Coach Coker. Any relation to the Coker who was coach at Cooper and Lone Oak back in the day?
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