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  1. They haven’t won it all with the talent they have so it’s under achieving. Compare their D-1 signees every year to say Katy. It’s not even close!!
  2. I will say Desoto is the most underachieving team in the state every year. Followed closely by Duncanville, Lancaster and Cedar Hill since McGuire left.
  3. Don’t know about the basketball but Crockett just hired them a darn good baseball coach, a Richard Martinez. Coached him in HS and he as a darn good QB too.
  4. The ole fence bird coaches. Only seen in AAA and down.
  5. Yep and he has a good team coming back. So good that he turned down a job offer that was gonna pay him about $25k more than what Decatur is paying him. I hope TASB does take over because you can’t find a better ball coach and better man. They couldn’t find anything he’s done wrong, it’s just a personal vendetta. They’ve already got the principal and supe that was in on that meeting, noe they finally got Fuller. Complete #### show that I hope comes back and bites them in the ####.
  6. About 4 or 5 years ago the principal, supe and coach Fuller suspended 4 volleyball players for drinking and breaking curfew. 2 of the dads just got on the school board. Told the supe to fire Fuller, supe said he wouldn’t so they called a special board meeting and vote 4-2 to oust him. He still has a year on contract. Nothing but personal vendettas from a couple of idiots. They will not find a coach to take that job unless he has unquestionable character. Complete #### show.
  7. I wouldn’t say that. The man hasn’t walked in years.
  8. Come on Lion, I wish Hendo nothing but the best, I was just trying to get your hopes leveled. You’re putting a lot of pressure on that new staff. Sometimes it takes a new staff a couple of years. Just don’t put the cart before the horse. It’s great you’re excited but let’s see what happens next year before you pressure that new staff into going 13-1 their 1st year. I wish you the best but trying to be devils advocate I guess. Give those guys a little time before you crown them the best staff in ET. Good luck this upcoming season dude
  9. But your QB ran that offense at Crowley was my point Lion.
  10. Are you gonna go up to the field house and tell the coaches which kids need to placed at what position? They weren’t in the right positions last year according to who? Who knows better where kids fit, fans or coaches? I’ve never understood fans that think they know where Johnny should be playing because that’s the position he played when you coached him in Pee Wee.
  11. Last word I heard on him he was headed to Waxahachie to sell a tribe of goats.
  12. Has anyone seen all the points Crowley scored last year before making this bold prediction that Hendo has Cowboys type skilled kids on offense and all the points they’re going to score? If you haven’t here’s their scores by game 0, 14, 14 in non district-28 pts-9ppg , forfeit,14, 7, 19, 28, 13 and a breakout last game of 48 in district-129 pts-21 ppg. On the year 157 pts-17.5 ppg. MaxPreps said they scored 178 points on the year by “giving” themselves 21 pts for a forfeit. Actual points scored is 157. So if that is scoring points Hendo must have averaged 2-4 points a game last year?
  13. Right? I clicked to read how Coach Huie was doing in Rivercrest and it’s all about Detroit. Is Detroit really a school in Texas? If so they haven’t been very successful because I’ve never heard of Detroit except Michigan. Got to be a tiny school district.
  14. Oh no doubt and I’m still good. You know the point I made is true, if you don’t believe that you’re not a true know anything about HS coaches fan. Do you think every coach on a state championship team could be a HC? If you do you’re terribly mistaken. But yeah you dang right I was the DC on all 4 SC’s and I’m good
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