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  1. I know they don’t play football as I coached half a mile down the street at Arlington High but all other sports are Sun Belt.
  2. It’s not an article it’s from personal coaching on the field. I’m talking about UTA’s field not The Temple.
  3. UTA is a Div.I FCS school and member of the SunBelt conference. It’s actually in pretty good shape. Field turf was installed in 08, the old AstroTurf before then was like playing on cement.
  4. They didn’t actually build it for AISD. The Dallas Renegades played there and it was converted for them. I know UTA has been going up drastically in rent for AISD and the stadium over the last few years. Globe Life was probably cheaper for AISD. UTA’s stadium will now be the largest track venue around since UTA hasn’t played football in years.
  5. I coached at Arlington HS for 10 years and UTA served as Arlington High and Arlington Bowie’s home field. Martin and Lamar played at Cravens and Sam Houston and Seguin shared Wilemon.
  6. I do too!!! There’s a lot of bodily fluids involved in the game of football. But the way they’re talking about NFL games being in bubble cities with no fans makes me think there’s no way for college o HS football. My wife’s school district sent out an email that stated to be prepared for fall online classes to start the school year in DFW.
  7. Unfortunately my guess is there will not be any HS or college football. Just my opinion.
  8. Coach Kalinec was the baseball coach at Rusk HS when I was the baseball coach at Alto in the late 80’s. He was a good dude. If I’m not mistaken his dad was a coach Gil Kalinec?? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. Been a done deal for a couple of weeks.
  10. The greatest teams I’ve ever coached had a soccer kid that was our kicker. They’d kick and be the first one down the field trying to hit someone. Coached a back to back 4 round 6A team with a soccer kicker. He led the team in personal fouls with 7 in two years, all on the KO team.
  11. Ennis Lion connection for the Eagles. Pretty good lineage for the new coach. His dads a legend.
  12. The Twitter #### on the move AGAIN!!
  13. Dodge may be the “only” coach who never won at Yoe.
  14. Congrats Smoak. You’ve come a long way since I remember you reporting from the early 80’s!!
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