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  1. That’s a ton better record than the great Todd Dodge had at Cameron.
  2. I coached at Crosby in the mid 90’s and we were pretty good and very athletic. I seriously doubt anything has changed much in Crosby and the one thing that those kids were is they weren’t disciplined. They played on athletic ability and it drove me crazy. That’s why my Crosby tenure was 2 years. Great kids but just not disciplined. To defend the option, wing T and slot T you have to be disciplined. I haven’t seen either team. The last time I saw Crosby play was when I was coaching there in 95, last time I saw LH was the last time they played for the SC at the Death Star. I think it’ll be close
  3. Sad to hear, he was a helluva player but from what I’ve been told even a better man and person.
  4. I agree, North Shore has beaten Dunc the last 2 years and IMG skull $(&#ed Dunc earlier in the season to the tune of 41-14.
  5. Riley Dodge is the HC at SLC, I’m assuming you aren’t a fan of Lincoln Riley? And the Cowboys are gonna mess around and get in the playoffs at 7-9 and I concur Rangers...
  6. Jeff Morris is a very good friend of mine who played on that team and I know he has film. Who and what do I need to tell him to do to pass along to you fellas?
  7. Even though I hate reading comments bashing coach King ,he knows that comes with being the head ball coach. And I just wonder how much football people who have the answers know and what exactly their back ground in football is beside playing 2nd team oline. The people (fans) that I’ve known that questioned the coaches were usually backups in HS but have all the answers because they “played” HS football. And say ole db point 1/2, what’s your highest level of playing football and expertise? Beyond being a back up or probably played college ball at Oklahoma Panhandle State to question a guy that
  8. I haven’t read past page 17 but there’s an idiot every year that their team doesn’t win state and it’s the coaches fault. John King is a hail of a coach and the db in your moniker has to stand for #### bag. Come on man, Ryan was better.
  9. This game is on channel 33. Lobos #93 looks offsides every snap. He has a great get off, he’s not offsides but he’s so quick off the ball it looks as he is.
  10. I know Scott and know he’s a great football coach, maybe I shouldn’t have used them as an example. I was in HS when Sleepy was at Carthage and I agree.
  11. I’ll take the inmates for the win.
  12. I don’t know who your “team” is but they’re some places that a staff of Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Jimbo Fisher, Chip Kelly, Brent Venables, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry wouldn’t win. And there’s places like Carthage, Aledo, Duncanville and North Shore that Jason Garrett, Kevin Sumlin, Charlie Strong, Tom Herman and Les Miles could win.
  13. As for a reference on Guyer, they’re 6A Div. II that defeated Coppell 52-24 in round one and Arlington HS 38-32 in round two, meaning Guyer’s a tough opponent.
  14. Even though I agree somewhat, District 3-5A has 3 teams left that are pretty salty. Colleyville Heritage, Red Oak and Summit. Then there’s Lubbock Coronado who scores in buckets. Coronado May be he best of Region 1 but 3 teams from one District is impressive. Heritage is 8-0:and Coronado is 12-0.
  15. Timberview played Aledo within 2 scores in district and had multiple chances to beat Aledo, so they aren’t a shabby football team.
  16. Lancaster schedule was unbelievable weak playing in Dallas ISD. They’re like Duncanville though, they’ll sign 10-15 DI players but lose when they play a disciplined football team. Not their fault their schedule was weak but it is their fault the way Longview skull ###### them. They have the players to win it all pretty much every year.
  17. To the guy who said Surratt ran up the score, the Gilmer coach told and showed his kids they didn’t have a chance to win this game. The reason I say this is the 2 onside kicks to start the game. No doubt through watching film you thought you could get them with an onside kick. But in my mind that’s telling the kids we’re going to have to take chances and do unsound things to win this game. Even though Gilmer didn’t give up points on the 1st kick and scored on the 2nd kick to me it’s still sending the message we’re gonna have to trick em to beat em. Just my thoughts but in the end I think it pi
  18. Nothing surprises me anymore. Mt. Vernon is a better job than Eustace
  19. This was the longest run in school history. You gonna credit Finney for that too? Finney may be a good coach but he ain’t #CAB. Talk about bringing a program from ashes see UofH , Baylor, Hamlin and Stephenville to name a few and see what all 3 have done since he left. I don’t think you can compare those two coaches, IMO.
  20. This, Hugh Freeze is hot right now and a leading candidate at Auburn and has already been in contact with Auburn. Now Chad Morris is looking for a job again!!
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