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  1. Ou might be the choice if go by him wearing gloves with ou logo
  2. But they beat Trinity Christian last year so they figured they could hang * sarcasm* Yea the final score was only 3 point difference but we are still working out the offense would been a blow away if our offense was consistent.
  3. Exactly how did that huge o line do for them vs smaller dline we aren't Arkansas teams
  4. They don't want that smoke after this year .Lobos are gonna be a dangerous tough out the next few years
  5. The holding calls on bryant lol oline can't tackle dline to ground after getting beat off the line,legacy got called for it too the week before couldn't block our dline unless took them to ground
  6. Show us your video of push offs? The only knock down was after the catch when he ran in for td lmao so wrs can't truck a DB for extra yards in Arkansas?
  7. There's video showing from four different angles Hale went up and played the ball with DB hands in his face DB got mossed move on with that L
  8. Don't see how being challenged much until the hp game these games before be warm ups give our guys more experience.
  9. What push off hale played the ball why db had hands in his face rewatch no push off lol
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