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  1. i feel sorry for other freshman teams having to play our a team damn their loaded
  2. I hear west mesquite is awful shall this be the week the single game record be broken finally
  3. wish longview would schedule these type teams lol they probably don't want that smoke from the bos tho
  4. tyler schools going thru rough times and we got lobo fans fussing about being 3-1
  5. wheres menof right about now he would try and argue different
  6. for sure not gonna name teams but we we sit here with same coach for 17 years and no losing seasons got teams with a new coach seems like every other year. we are spoiled for sure
  7. Never any doubt,we have had worse starts and less talents but king and staff get the best out of players may take longer some times,hints not a losing seasons in 17 years as hc.
  8. mark my words we gonna be a hard out come playoffs saw signs of offense starting to click watch out!
  9. no doubt! we em bos man nice double score win didnt see that coming tho fiigure be close
  10. flags killed the drive after the one time we did hold them and couldnt score even 3 better then zero
  11. we clean up em stupid false starts second half we should be ok they havnt really stopped us
  12. texanlive $7 for one game? NFHS is monthly fee? course can cancel but i tend to forget lol
  13. Is it save to say Longview is sec style(physical) atleast of east Texas
  14. He won't have much more luck next year this year was the year for legacy to end the streak why we still finding our way and they still couldn't get it done proofs we are still better then em on our worst starts vs their best start of year
  15. Watch I belive its Going to be like 2017 and we shock a undefeated team we be their one bad game like Jesuit was ours at wrong time
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