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  1. In an interview the HC said that the lefty was second string if I am not mistaken. The team does not look good at all.
  2. Arkansas High's quarterback was on the Texas High team last season.
  3. Looks to me like if things were maybe different at T-High BN would not have to beg anyone to stay on the team. Pretty sure that other potential quarterbacks left the squad because the did not like what was going on. Might happen again real soon. I wonder why participation has dropped off in the program overall?
  4. Lee wins this one easily. Not enough offense for the Tigers and that will burden the Tiger defense which has not really been challenged by a good ground attack. If Lee can duplicate what Liberty Eylau did to the Tiger defense during the second quarter of last week's game then it is going to a long night for THS. Lee 33 - 3.
  5. Why bother with adding an "A" for no apparent reason when you can just have a division one and two in 3A and just adjust the numbers? This adding an "A" to what already exists is useless IMHO.
  6. Boy oh boy...what a difference a year makes, or doesn't make. This edition of the Tigers is basically a carbon copy of last years team. The defense will probably be ok but the lines on both sides of the ball are small. Speed at the skill positions, out side of quarterback. Coach Norton said that both seniors have improved since last year and that remains to be seen in a competitive situation. Same as last year, number 11 should be named the starter as, just like last season, he will give the Tigers the best chance to win. The other two Tiger qbs that played are not going to be in the mix.
  7. Can't wait for the season to start! Go LE!!! Prove me wrong!!!
  8. I could identify them but I won't. They do exist and they have their valid reasons for their displeasure with the program as you also have your valid reasons for supporting him, his move, and his future prospects at THS. Winning does not cure everything nor is winning the sole validation of a man's ability to coach or even lead for that matter. Some good players left the program. One allegedly left because her stats were used to pad another player's stats. Texas High has not had a run of players the caliber of the players that he had at LE and his mere presence at THS does not mean that all of
  9. Are you talking from on the inside o enlightened one? Last season the only team that had a worse offense than LE was Texas High! Just because you may be bringing back the whole team does not automatically mean you win more games. All you Cowboy fans can attest to that and it is going to be tough on the Leopards playing 7 games on the road. Personally, I hope they win them all but that ain't happening new OC or old OC or not. Hall is just about it as far as really, really talented players at LE this year. That will change but not this year because the whole team is basically back...
  10. PG is the best hands down, no competition. Hughes Springs is a distant second. A team from Texarkana has played in the final for in class 3A starting with LE and the teams that Will Middlebrooks played on two years straight in the finals with one championship and PG has been in the final four every year since then. They will either tie the record or break the record if they make it back this year. No other East Texas team can make that claim.
  11. I am a big LE fan but I just do not see them winning more than three games total. I hope that I am wrong about that. MP lost the best qb in this area so maybe LE can contain Cannon because of that. They have a chance against THS because THS still has no viable qb or if there is one, he won't be playing. Atlanta is always tough on LE, despite losing their coach Paris will be athletic and formidable, NL is usually a challenge. So a new OC has been hired. I guess they rehired David Ream but a new OC won't be able to help the Leopards this year. I hope that Hall just plays defense. That way he
  12. Yeah, they can move THS to a new district down I-30 West but remember that THS is not JT and they won't have the success that JT had. They barely made it to the playoffs last year in a district that was weak overall. The new district will be stronger than last year's district. I would love to see THS go South especially if LV drops (which I doubt because of numbers). East Texas has enough teams from Texarkana Southward to have two competitive 4A (new 5A) districts. The UIL just has to have the guts to send SS West like they should be and possibly MP too.
  13. I personally know quite a few LE fans that are glad that he has moved on. Doubt that he can duplicate the success at THS that he had at LE. At THS, he will not have the studs that he was blessed with at LE. Now we all will see just how good of a coach he really is. LE should hire from within awarding the job to Ms. Ganter.
  14. Probably...I have been unable to get results for some races for about 30 to 40 minutes now.
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