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  1. The broadcaster on KGAS are way below average.
  2. Sticks and stones, hillbilly boy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ...all I have to say is "scoreboard". :)
  3. I'll make you a bet....if you are in New York City, you will be able to find someone that knows where Nacogdoches, Texas is.....I'll also bet you if you are New York City, you will neeeeeeeever eeeeever find anyone that knows where Joaquin is ..or how to pronounce it. But back to my original statement....Garrison owns Joaquin...always has and always will. Joaquin will never have a respected name in Texas when it comes to football or anything....unless maybe it's catfish charlie and cane poles....ha ha Nacogdoches will roll in Carthage unless they hire Panola County refs like they usually d
  4. I'm out of here. I'll be back next week to educate you Carthage folk about Nac Dragon football. Go ahead and get that big screen warmed up for Nac to fill it with Sports Center worthy highlights. Get some!
  5. ....attention village of Lufkin...you are missing your idiot...ha ha ... let it soak in real good Lufkin. ...burns don't it.....ha ha There's more of that for you next year too. Get some!
  6. I was being a little over dramatic intentionally....... :) have you ever seen them play this year?
  7. ........I'm confused....you are an adult correct? You are bragging about your "ring" from when you were in High School??? Dude, move on. I'm only on here because I have a close relative that happens to play right now...when he graduates I'll move on,,,maybe I'll buy the entire season of Breaking Bad...ha ha .... :) ....just kidding ..it takes all types.
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