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  1. He should be good believe it’s day 6 so by next Saturday he should be cleared to be on the field with his team
  2. would love to see the Dodge bowl but I believe it will be SLC vs North Shore in title game
  3. Run the clock. wonder if there has ever been a running clock in a state title game. I think they should the entire 4th.
  4. Franklin played an amazing game till the last minute of the game....I feel for the Franklin lions losing this game has to feel so bad
  5. No need to lie to Hs kid man they ain’t dumb and they also understand getting out of town to D1 bc that’s what they are all trying to do.
  6. So he lied to a bunch of kids. I wish he would of just said fellas D1 is calling and I have to take it.
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