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  1. Told you he was very polished QB but figured y’all handle them with your run game! I think y’all can score 45plus a game in playoffs lol state champs this year? Y’all are setting yourselves up!
  2. Man yalls district is very even this year no one is better than anyone and everyone has had their off games. This districts all 4 spots will all come down to final week. Haven’t been able to say that about a Cameron district in a very long time.
  3. A little bit of everything we haven’t been this bad since very early 90s.
  4. He shredded Teague defense and is very talented for 3a QB. I think they give yall a run for your money but Franklin edges them out by 14 49-35
  5. Nah after Teague almost beating gbeck....Fairfield should beat them soundly
  6. I agree if yall come ready to play you should win this game with ease I am just saying I think that big o line and D line will give ya trouble for a half maybe a little more. This is for the district title because I believe fairfield beats everyone else
  7. This is for the district title. Malakoff should win but that fairfield front 7 on offense and defense will be tough for malakoff. Give m e malakoff by 21 they pull away late Malakoff 49 Fairfield 28
  8. I seen both play and malakoff should and will win by 42. Kemp isn’t a push over they have some athletes out there QB can throw and run but malakoff won’t have a problem with them. Malakoff they can’t stop the run at all Teague just started passing like dummies. Malakoff 63-21
  9. Man 2020 has made people so darn soft. I remember seeing Mart win 98-0....nothing was said they ran the same play over and over and over the other team even knew they were gonna run the same play hell the QB told them where they were gonna run the ball guess what the other team was just that bad and I have seen A+ play and zebra is right they are not very good at all I think Teague 8th grade bunch could beat them soundly.
  10. Definitely don't have the QB to run the spread this year maybe next year if they start the freshman but two years from now we will.
  11. If we run a I formation/offset formation against kemp we rush for 400 plus and win by 21 plus. 11 ran all over them and we start passing the ball like we think we are the New York Jets and start turning the ball over
  12. Not HC but OC, DC, and down needs changing. There are just 2-3 coaches id keep on my staff if I was Coach O
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