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  1. He was your man a year ago. Hired with great excitement. He started in less than a desirable situation. Maintained the respect of the program. And after one year you give him the boot?
  2. Here's the deal for Pewitt fans...its been a rough year. Yea, we had some starters out at the beginning of the year and with their return, we are a different team. But I think we need to keep things close. This HS team has had all its starters all year and they have all been battle tested...and hit hard I'm sure GBB. They are in mid-season form, or at least should be. Our starters on the other hand haven't been battle tested and are in early season form. So before you go thinking just because we got these dudes back we can go run over HS, slow your roll. I believe this will be a good game beca
  3. Not building up much support here.
  4. What seems to be the biggest problems? Lack of experience? Lack of discipline? I thought the Pewitt program would be down some this year, but from your tone, it could be down a lot more than I thought.
  5. I hope the Brahmas can get back to having a dominating defense like they had years ago. That's something they can be proud of. Is there any speed on the team?
  6. Settle down popoff, it's just a scrimmage.
  7. How did the inter-squad look this past week? I know its hard to tell when your ones are playing your twos, but what can be seen is whether the kids were competitive and whether they had lots of mental mistakes or not?
  8. I don't know that Pewitt is an "academy for the gifted" but when someone puts that kind of "jibberish," as brahmafan terms it, on a public forum, it sends the perception of someone who it unintelligent...and I guess everyone from that location gets stereotyped as being the same. It happens all the time on this forum. Once again, a Pewitt thread has been hijacked by the Tiger faithful. Always looking to push their weight around and show their dominance. Just like the school bully.
  9. Always a tough non-district schedule. It will be hard not to guage the whole season on these first three games, because we all know that things always get better when the Brahmas get into district play. The past couple of years have not started out to good, but the weaker district opponents helped build some confidence. This time around, the district may be very competitive. I don't think there is one team that will dominate the district. Every week, except maybe a couple, will be a battle.
  10. How about we work on academics/grammar in south Morris County!
  11. Hope they get a good one! I can't imagine someone wanting to come to Pewitt to coach baseball (based strickly on historical lack of success).
  12. How about going in-house and selected a certain administrator to take the job? It would be a good challenge for him.
  13. Not sure whats going on. I have heard that there are at least 4 of the coaches who are either leaving or going to straight teaching, plus a couple of others that are "looking". I hate to say it, but anytime you have that many assistants leaving and the HC is still there, something smells fishy.
  14. Exactly Mustang!! I'm not talking about the football team. We all know the history of the football program. That goes without saying. The information was given to me about the offseason program.
  15. Personally, I'm not mad at any of the coaches. I don't really even know any of them. I'm a supporter of the Brahmas and had heard from a friend in Queen City, maybe not a reliable source, that there were some discipline problems within the program...lack of work ethic! I have not seen this with my own eyes...maybe just rumors. I too believe they have the talent to be playing in December next year, but also know how a lack of discipline and work ethic within a system can destroy it!! The Brahmas are respected for being a hard nose, play to death, well disciplined, hard working team that will ou
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