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  1. A person can coach at a private school without a degree. A lot of private schools do not have the budget or the openings to hire all fulltime coaches so they have to look for part-time coaches or volunteer coaches. TAPPS requires that anyone who coach's at the high school level must take a class through NFHS in order to coach at a TAPPS school. TAPPS does have a seres of classes that a coach has to take over a 4-5 year period to help gain more knowledge and professionalism in their respective sport. Hope that helps.
  2. Congrats to Coach Goen. I wish you the best in your fishing adventures as well. Any early names for Cayuga?
  3. This is hilarious. I commend Coach W for the hard work that he does, but he shouldn't ever feel like he has to come on a message board and defend himself or his programs. They will speak for themselves.
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