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  1. Crawford would also get caught in this...they are usually very strong in small school playoffs. Kind of strange...the Mclennan County Public Health Director was fired prior to this announcement...wonder if there was a conflict of opinions about this topic??
  2. Maybe he heard you were coming back.
  3. You don't think that not having a football season is a good enough reason?
  4. Supreme Court strikes down state ban on taxpayer funding for religious schools!!! This could have far reaching and maybe disastrous affects on public schools https://www.foxnews.com/
  5. I can't hardly see the UIL doing it, but if it comes down to that or losing a season I'm guessing the coaches would consider it pretty seriously...the couple that I talked to said that was about the only way they would be for it.
  6. Saw an article in DMN about TAPPS kicking around the idea of flipping the fall and season sports because of the increase of Covid cases and possibility of schools shutting down or not opening at all...what are your thoughts...for/against??
  7. I've seen a lot of "clusters" in my time but this might be the biggest one yet.
  8. LOLOL!! Some ones "opinion" only matters if their opinion is valued...and very few do...especially to those making very important life changing decisions...sarcasm is lost on you, I see!! Sorry, I usually try to post a warning.
  9. Why would anybody bash a young man (and his dad) for making a decision that sets a life altering course in his life? The decision is his and his families to make and nobody else's. Congrats to the young man! Best of luck!
  10. Dangerfield Co-OC Jordan Wood was named head football Coach at Detroit! Congrats man, you will do great!!!
  11. Exactly correct...where was all the doomsday reactions when Obama and Biden did absolutely NOTHNG for FOUR MONTHS as over 1,000 people died and over 50,000 people contracted the Swine Flu????? The media is all in to ruin the incredible economy we have going...THATS the reason for the CKICKEN LITTLE reactions.
  12. Right on the money! Sad, but true!
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