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  1. No, there is a minimum base pay based on years of service but districts can set pay of teachers/coaches to a point higher...also can set stipends at whatever point they want...or as low as they want. Different sports have different stipends and head coaches stipends are usually higher than assistants stipends. I would also add districts can, and do, get pretty good at adding or stacking stipends for almost anything to entice a head coach or to get an assistant coach to come to their school...I've seen stipends for field maintenance, laundry, third assistant positions and on and on!!!
  2. I agree...he made a legitimate point about the job (concerning the pay scale) unfortunately that is the problem many of the small schools in our area are facing, or will face in the near future. There is just not a large enough tax base to warrant higher pay scales for their coaches...I have been a fan of PP for many years but I think the job is not as desirable as it once was. Besides the problem with the lower pay and fewer assistant coaches I think the community's expectations are much higher than what will be obtainable on the field. I hope I am wrong but I just don't see the deep runs happening in the near future and when that happens it will, of course, be the new guys fault, and he will be gone. Sure hope I am wrong, they have been such a good program for a long time. For the kids sake I hope they get a good one or elevate someone on staff.
  3. No doubt that replacing someone of Coach Kelm's abilities and leadership will be tough...I thought the same thing when they replaced Coach Murphy but they never missed a beat. Wish them well, we still have some good friends there, hope they can continue their success in all their programs.
  4. Yep, that's the way they've done it for a long time...seems to work ok for them.
  5. Yea, kinda what I thought also...might have "jumped the gun" on the announcement!!!! LOL!!!
  6. Yes, whoever posted it said they were the BB coach/AD (that had been discussed in other post) and this would be his one and only post about the subject. It went on to say that the concern about other programs (FB) was unnecessary because he wanted ALL the programs to improve and was a big fan of football...the interesting part of the post was his other statement that said he had been offered (and accepted) the AD job and the head FB job had been offered and filled also?? This was Thursday or Friday I believe...maybe someone decided not to take the FB position after all and he had to pull the post or maybe the poster was an imposter?? Not sure...just thought it was a little strange.
  7. Am I hallucinating or did a very important post get deleted from this thread????
  8. Geez guys I told yall what the story was...no rumors or guesses...the bb coach is going to be the AD and they are looking for someone that will take the FB position only...many will not go for that...as they have discovered...but sooner or later someone will be desperate enough to take it. As someone noted above, this set-up normally does not work very well...for the kids sake, I hope they get a quality guy to take it.
  9. Gonna be a tough sell to get someone with experience to take this one. I would think that making the BB coach the AD sure doesn't help the situation any.
  10. How dare they not contact you first!!! SMH!!!!
  11. Ahhhh hadn't heard that!! No wonder they have kept a low profile!!! Dirtybird is right on the money!!! But seriously, they should win this district with Lindale second, Kilgore third and Palestine fourth...definitely not the "district of doom" anymore!!!
  12. Figured they would be celebrating with the re-alignment and loss of Carthage from their district...they should be early favorites to win this district or at least have a good shot at it. Athens Henderson Kilgore Lindale Mabank Palestine Tyler Chapel Hill
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