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  1. Huge drop in talent especially at the o-line positions and overall young squad makes for a rough season for any coach. Coach Castles is one of the best and Hendo is fortunate to have him. As Lionsdad said, he cares deeply for the the kids and prepares them for what 99% of the kids will face after high school...real life! Unfortunately for Coach Castles, he has also lost several high quality coaches from his staff which makes his job even tougher. Ask any successful coach what the keys to success are and they will tell you, very quickly, that a good stable staff is one of the most important fac
  2. First, I would like to thank the sponsors for making the broadcast of the Winny games possible. The quality of the video is incredible! After watching both games I think that Winny is much, much improved on the defensive side of the ball and will be very tough to beat. Offensively they have more weapons and are now very comfortable and smooth at running their offense and will put up lots of points. They actually have several receivers this year that will beat you if you try to load up to stop their running game...which most teams will do. The SA offense had some very potent weapons and W
  3. "NOT COVID RELATED" Is what it says on the FB post...it also says not enough boys out to play. As usual, MaxiPad is wrong again!! LOLO!!
  4. Thanks for passing that along!! Good luck to the Raiders!!
  5. Neither have I...and thankfully a lot of folks are figuring things out and joining the "maskless" society!!!
  6. A real pillow fight going down at the Oak...2-0 midway through the 3rd.
  7. Josh McCown's sons, Owen and Aiden transferred in from North Carolina!! Don't know anything about them but I'm betting they will help!!!
  8. Crawford would also get caught in this...they are usually very strong in small school playoffs. Kind of strange...the Mclennan County Public Health Director was fired prior to this announcement...wonder if there was a conflict of opinions about this topic??
  9. You don't think that not having a football season is a good enough reason?
  10. Supreme Court strikes down state ban on taxpayer funding for religious schools!!! This could have far reaching and maybe disastrous affects on public schools https://www.foxnews.com/
  11. I can't hardly see the UIL doing it, but if it comes down to that or losing a season I'm guessing the coaches would consider it pretty seriously...the couple that I talked to said that was about the only way they would be for it.
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