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  1. That's great news!! If you haven't read the book and you are a Texas High School football fan, you need to read it! It is a fantastic book that gives a lot of insight to the history of the sport...not to mention the personal stories of those involved! I hope they do it justice!!
  2. Everybody that doesn't make the first and second team makes honorable mention if the coach wants them to. It's a nice way to reward them for working hard during the season.
  3. Hope he gets a shot...really a fine young man...hearing their first choice said no.
  4. Pay is going to be a huge problem...one of the lowest paying districts in the area. Hard to attract a proven winner with that salary.
  5. Land of the Elks...good guy, hope he gets another chance somewhere good.
  6. Another thought...would a LO ex head coach want to come back to the area?? Maybe get a little revenge ??
  7. Wonder if a 4A assistant at a Tyler area school might be interested in moving back to his home area?? Don't have a clue if he would be interested just know he's a good guy and good coach...and from that area...
  8. Wondering why we haven't heard anything from our favorite poster from Crockett...ole' Maxi!!! Seems he always has an excuse or person to blame for any Crockett loss!! Where ya at Maxi???
  9. I agree...great facilities, hard working kids and great location if you are a fisherman!!! What more can you ask for?!!!! It's about the most appealing job in the area now that LO has imploded and most of the other schools are average, at best, around them.
  10. Of course they do!! I'm so shocked that "something else" is to blame!! LOLOLOL!!! Just fire the "something else" and let a little dribbler parent take over...I'm sure they would win state!! LOLOL!!!
  11. It's the way of life at small schools. Sooner or later you have dips in talent pools, even Clarksville at basketball had to have a dip in talent. Probably won't last long but it happens.
  12. I was amazed at how many underclassmen started on these teams. I've always been at 3A and smaller schools where it was the norm but I always figured that at the largest classifications you would have very few freshmen or sophs starting. Both of these teams are young with both qb's coming back next year as well as many of the skilled kids. Looks like a rematch in the making for next year!!! I was really impressed with Klubniks speed and I think if Ewers had a little time (like he did early in the game) he could have kept pace with the scoring. I really think Ewers was a better pure passer, give
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