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  1. Doesn't fit their narrative...sad but that's the nature of our MSM "news" reporters these days.
  2. No, no didn't you know Barry knows everything and is right about everything...if you don't believe it...just ask him!!!!
  3. You believe a mask can help you not catch Covid...when...the manufacturers tell you it WILL NOT HELP...ON THE BOX!!!!!! Geez, no wonder y'all voted for Sleepy Joe!!!
  4. He would if he knew how to use the app...but Sleepy Joe can't even use a teleprompter!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!
  5. Our allies don't trust Biden? That can't be true...didn't our resident lib tell us Biden and the US was loved by ALL ?? "A partnership works when both parties are honest and truthful with each other, when both parties treat each other with respect and when both partners are strong," he added. "There is a strong perception that trust between the EU and U.S. has been just eroded." EU official says growing feeling in Europe that U.S.-trans Atlantic partnership is 'broken' | Fox News
  6. Thankfully I know "liberalese" so I can translate for you guys...Barry said "I can't even make anything up that is remotely close to a positive achievement so I'll just do the usual and try to insult President Trump"...you're welcome!
  7. The last time Barry tried to doo this it didn't turn out very well!!! LOLOL!!!
  8. Holy Cow, even this left wing political hack admits there's major problems!!!! "How bad is it going for President Joe Biden's administration right now? Even NBC News host Chuck Todd, a former Democrat presidential campaign staffer, sees it." Even Chuck Todd Admits Biden's Admin in Chaos | Newsmax.com
  9. Wow!! Talk about a "Captain Obvious" reporter !!! LOLOL!!! "Biden is beset by several disasters at once. All the blame is his, for they flow from his dumb, stubborn, and ideological moves immediately after he was sworn in." Joe Biden's ship has started to sink (msn.com)
  10. President Biden Hating stories????? Seriously???? Barry, even Chuck Todd, the ultimate loony left wing hack said the guy is horrible!!!!! We don't have to search the "conservative media" anymore...the main stream media are finally telling the truth about the clown...it's just clowns like you who fail to admit your were wrong about Biden and Trump that still can't see it!!!!
  11. The reason why you don't "understand" it is because it isn't true...you just choose to classify everything that doesn't align with your liberal/socialist thought (and I use that term loosely)pattern as "TrumpAid" when in reality (you might have to look that word up Barry) YOU are the true kool aid drinker...slurping up the CNN/MSM media "hater aid" in large quantities. Thus your view of reality is so skewed, you have no idea what true, independent thoughts are...unless they are fed to you through the talking heads on CNN. Very sad.
  12. Geeez Barry, you can't even come up with your own thoughts or meme? Sad.
  13. For once you are right...misinformation DID kill her...the meds she received in the hospital that are supposed to cure her...killed her. If she had been treated with the correct drugs she would never have gotten this sick. "After a long hospitalization, during which she was placed on a ventilator, Wendell died Sept. 10. She was 29. "Misinformation killed her," Maria Vibandor Hayes, Wendell's cousin, wrote in a Facebook post the next day."
  14. Great news...even if the bill fails it will at least wake up some of the sheeple that don't keep up with all the garbage the fake president is trying to get pushed through before be is deposed or put away in a home.
  15. Without a doubt...the question is, what "false flag" incident will be next on the dumbo-crats agenda to try and deflect how terrible this administration truly is.
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