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  1. Dang, they must have hired the same people that ran the last election!!!
  2. Besides all the positive things that has been listed about being at a great program there are a couple of things that, if you ask any assistant who made this jump to AD/Head football coach somewhere else and they list two things that they probably didn't even consider when taking the job but turned out to be HUGE!!! 1. Being responsible for the success/failure of all the "other" sports that are being played. In the end HE is responsible for hiring good coaches and implementing an off season program for ALL the athletes (girls and boys). Almost every AD that I have coached under repeated
  3. Potts and Winny are not "opposites" on offense...they run completely different types of offenses but both are run heavy offenses. The bottom line is both run heavy offenses beat MV and controlled the line of scrimmage. I think Minny will do the same this time around and Minny has the defense to limit MV's offense...that being said I think it will be close, but baring turnovers, I believe Minny will win...that's just my opinion and that is certainly not worth much...if anything!!! Good luck to both teams and most of all I pray that both teams come out free from injuries!!
  4. I think Mineola will have the edge because they are capable of playing some pretty good defense. Mineola has the type of offense that has given MV fits this year (losses to Potts and Winny for example) and they have the ability to grind it out and use the clock and keep the ball away from MV's high powered offense. Still going to be one of the better games and should be fun to watch. The one thing you can never plan on are the turnovers...this deep in the playoffs the team that has the fewest almost always will win. Mineola by a touchdown.
  5. Kilgore by 14 HH is decent defensively but won't put up many points against Kilgore.
  6. Hate to go against the Carlisle but i think Normangee will roll...Normangee by 14
  7. Minny by as much as they want...if they even play...COVID might take Madison out...Sets up a Minny/MV rematch which should be a great game!!
  8. Love it!!!! LOL!! I agree...MVCC by 21
  9. Holland surprised everybody last year by going very deep in the playoffs, losing to Refugio in the fourth round, and they brought back quite a few players from last year...going with Holland on this one.
  10. Don't know or care...the good ones that I've been blessed to coach with go for the win not the tie...especially since the defense couldn't stop CH all night long.
  11. Ball game...49-35 Great season Lions, lots of freshmen and sophmores that looked pretty dang good. Terrible decision to kick to a team that you haven't stopped all night long...head scratcher.
  12. No they don't. They want to run about 80% of the time.
  13. Wow!! That was a pretty impressive run by the Livingston QB at the end of the half!!
  14. Anybody have a link to the radio broadcast???
  15. Yea, i just saw that...I thought it was supposed to be at 6 also.
  16. Ouch!! Tough second round game...afraid the Bulls will be airing up the BB's soon...very soon!!!
  17. This game will be live streamed NFHS if you have a subscription to it...hopefully the stream will be better than some of the ones I have tried to watch...two of the three games that I have tried to watch have had major buffering problems.
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