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  1. Congrats to the Maud Cardinals who went in to the playoffs as the number 4 seed and upset number 1 seed North Hopkins 29-27!! Great job Cards!!
  2. LOLOLOL!!! Typical Maxi "dodge" you know everything and how to fix the problems till you are pressed on what the REAL problem is...then it's crickets!!! Get all those excuses ready, you are going to need them again next year!!! LOLOL!!
  3. "fall out" laughing...probably!!! You still didn't address the question I ask...why all the turnover and lack of success if your team is so "loaded" every year?
  4. With all this great talent that you say Crockett has you would think there would be lot of top quality coaches lined up begging for the job or the turnover in the coaching staffs in the recent past would be minimal instead, Crockett has constant turnovers and from what I am hearing, not a lot of great choices knocking at the door to be the latest AD/football coach...why is that Maxi? ??
  5. Don't have a clue why he took the job but from first hand experience, there are many other reasons to consider like quality of education, smaller community ect ect I do know he has young kids and those factors get much more important when you have a young family...Redwater is a very good school academically and the community is small but close enough to a larger town to get every thing you need. We moved from a larger town to a small town a lot like Redwater when my son was in the 7th grade and we absolutely loved it and my son flourished and did well.
  6. Blah,blah blah...Maxi, you say the same thing every year...yet where are the state championships?? Even moving down in classification didn't help!! Just get your excuse list ready...you'll be needing it soon!!! LOLOL!!
  7. Seems like I've heard that before...oh yea, that's because you post the same stuff every time there' a coaching change or the beginning of each year...then when they don't win as much as you think they should you always blame the coaches, referees, the stars not aligning or a million other reasons...except the obvious one...the talent is not there or the discipline isn't there to be a top tier team. The only "tools" are the ones that are in the stands!!!
  8. Completely agree...that's why it's very important to do your homework (as most coaches do) before you apply for a job. Although in this particular case you can go back many years (many more than I posted above) and with very few exceptions Lone Oak has always been competitive...not world beaters...but competitive. But you are absolutely correct on the talent level being extremely important...not matter where it is.
  9. Good one, caught me off guard!!!! LOLOL!!!
  10. Just curious as to how things have "been better"??? 2015 (5-7) 235-287 Luke Goode (District Champions)2016 (6-5) 354-323 Luke Goode2017 (5-6) 363-320 Luke Goode2018 (4-6) 310-400 Luke Goode2019 (2-8) 148-396 Vince Taylor2020 (1-9) 86-350 Larry McFarlin
  11. Great post!!! Right on the money!!
  12. Now see, you lied...you said you weren't going to discuss it with me anymore...i'm so shocked!!! LOLOL!!!
  13. That is the best thing you have written so far...thank you!
  14. Yes, I read both of your PM's and the answer is the same. I don't deal with hearsay and do not post it.
  15. Reread what I wrote above...that answers your question...perfectly.
  16. Why? What you "heard" is irrelevant to my opinion.
  17. No...other than this... Coach Castles is one of the good guys in the coaching profession. Cares deeply for the young men he coaches both on the field and off and deserves to be in the best situation possible for himself and his family. Period.
  18. No doubt! I admire him for staying and accepting the "interim" tag and keeping the athletes working...pretty sure most would have told them where to take their "interim" tag and left!!
  19. Great story!! Hope he gets his degree and gets s shot in the pro's...with that type of drive, I wouldn't bet against him!!
  20. Can't imagine he would want to stay after all he has gone through.
  21. No, The one I am talking about was an assistant at Lone Oak and now is a head coach at another school close by. I really have to believe that the board has enough sense to realize that they need someone in place and someone that will commit to staying longer than a year or two.
  22. I was there for three years and retired two years ago. Still have lots of good friends that deserve a good athletic program. Great community and the kids play hard for you. I would compare it to Winnsboro. Here is some recent history from Smoaky history section. As you can see, the last several years have not been good. The kids to compete are still there, just need a strong leader that will put discipline and hard work back in the program. 2005 (8-4) 358-230 Randy Jackson2006 (10-2) Randy Jackson2007 (9-3) Randy Jackson2008 (10-2) Randy Jackson2009 (9-3) Randy Jackson2010 (11-1) Dean La
  23. I'm really, really hoping that the board already has someone that is interested and ready to go. There are a lot of good kids there that have been through incredibly ridiculous decisions made by the board...for the past 3 or 4 years there have been complete turnovers in the athletic staff...there is no way a program can be successful with this type of leadership changes...I am an eternal optimist so I have to believe that there is someone the board knows about and is ready to take over the AD/HFC position that will be extremely popular with the kids and community. The one I believe fits this d
  24. Was told tonight that Coach Layne was approved. He was the AD/head football coach at Ferris I believe.
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