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  1. I was amazed at how many underclassmen started on these teams. I've always been at 3A and smaller schools where it was the norm but I always figured that at the largest classifications you would have very few freshmen or sophs starting. Both of these teams are young with both qb's coming back next year as well as many of the skilled kids. Looks like a rematch in the making for next year!!! I was really impressed with Klubniks speed and I think if Ewers had a little time (like he did early in the game) he could have kept pace with the scoring. I really think Ewers was a better pure passer, given time to throw, but Klubnik was the better all around qb last night. Gonna be fun to watch these young men develop!!

  2. 2 hours ago, nationalpastime said:

    I remember a few years back they named an AD and the school board voted 4-3 on the decision.  They did the typical small town #### where the superintendent offered the job and then the school board voted to approve after the job had been offered.

    The guy they offered it to ultimately turned it down. In my opinion it would have been a GREAT hire but small town east Texas got in the way of the kids because school board members didn't get an "official" questioning of the guy.

    That happens more times than folks realize!

  3. 5 hours ago, DKBear123 said:

    Glad DeKalb got rid of Eddy. All we've done since he left was never make the playoffs. Good job school board. 

    Can't really compare the two jobs...the district make up of De Kalb's district and Bowie's district is light years difference in toughness. 

  4. 1 minute ago, MavGrad99 said:

    So, there are plenty of methods.  I will say that Aledo has move-ins every day.  Like 3-4 new families in my neighborhood a day.  Most of them former military from California.  Take that for what its worth.  No idea if any of them have kids that play football.

    Don't blame them for getting out of Commifornia while they still can...not to mention Cali didn't have high school football this year because of "covid".

  5. 10 minutes ago, Hagar said:

    Crosby had a great run, but can’t imagine them coming back from a 35-14 deficit.

    Any of you Carthage folks still think you can beat Aledo?   I do.

    I would pay to see that one...might even wear a mask...but I don't think Carthage would hang with Aledo for four quarters.

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